Scholarships & bursaries for international students

Scholarships and bursaries

We offer scholarships and bursaries to ambitious, talented young students. This is done as an acknowledgment of your outstanding academic performance. Bellerbys scholars set an excellent example in and out of the classroom. Merit-based scholarships and bursaries are available dependent on course selection and availability.

Students will be expected to:

  • Excel in their studies
  • Lead by example and involve themselves in all aspects of life at the College
  • Act as mentors for younger students
  • Meet College guests and represent the college at outside events
  • Contribute to the annual students' publication.

GCSE pathway scholarships

Bellerbys College is offering scholarships for their GCSE Pathway Programme to ambitious, outstanding young students looking to focus from an early age on their future career path.

  • Level of scholarships available: 20%, 40% or 70%

A Level scholarships and Foundation bursaries

Bellerbys College has an excellent track record at placing students from all over the world into the UK’s leading universities. We only award scholarships to students we believe in. It’s our way of acknowledging a student’s outstanding academic performance in their current school and investing in their future. For exceptional students wishing to progress to a top UK university, such as Cambridge or Oxford or looking to study medicine, we provide specialist preparation programmes designed to enhance understanding and UCAS applications.:

  • Level of scholarships available: 20%, 40% or 70% 
  • Donna Bull A Level Scholarship. This offers 50% of a single scholarship for a gifted student who wishes to study A Level. The student will study A Level at Bellerbys College Cambridge, followed by medicine, science or engineering. This scholarship is in memory of a respected teacher at Bellerbys College Cambridge.
  • Yana Baranova A Level Scholarship. Level of scholarship available: 50% A single scholarship is available for an academically gifted student from Russia to join our A Level Programme. The scholarship is awarded in memory of Yana, a Bellerbys recruitment manager and ambitious young woman who showed considerable drive and passion for education and a willingness to help young students fulfil their dreams.

How do I apply?

To apply, you'll need to submit a formal application form together with your latest school reports, a copy of your passport and your medical details. We'll then review your application and if you're successful, we'll ask you to sit a test to assess your maths and English skills.  If you’re awarded a scholarship of 70% you’ll need to attend an interview (either in person or online). Scholarships are decided within 48 hours of the interview.

Contact us now for more information, or to apply. 

The application process

Bellerbys London Star Student Yue Kan

You should apply for A Level scholarships by contacting us. For all A Level Scholarships you will need to sit tests and submit your academic records plus an academic reference. You will also need to then explain why you would like a scholarship. We will then conduct scholarship interviews.

You can apply for Foundation bursaries by contacting us or your agent or local Bellerbys representative.

Life at Bellerbys

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Arrive in the UK. Meet your college friends and explore the city that will be your home away from home. Life at Bellerbys starts here.


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Trust our experience and expertise  to help you get to a first-rate UK university. Whether to study Medicine at the University of Cambridge or Economics at UCL.