Academic English language support

English language support

To study in the UK as an international student you will need to be able to speak, write and study in English.

Our teachers specialise in teaching international students, and that includes their approach to language. All our lessons are tailored to suit your needs, with language-specific lessons also available. Our tutors will help you progress to the level needed to study in the UK. This will enable you to succeed in your studies and achieve a place at a UK university.

Different courses have different English language requirements, based on the length and structure of the course. We offer specialist English language tuition and support to make sure you are prepared for your chosen programme.

Preparing for your studies

Bellerbys offers English Language Preparation classes for students looking to study A Level, Foundation or Undergraduate Year 1 programmes. You can arrive at Bellerbys before you plan to start your intended programme and spend time studying English in more depth for 1, 2 or 3 terms.

English language modules

The Undergraduate Year 1 and Foundation programmes offered at Bellerbys include core modules aimed to improve your English language ability. These lessons cover everything from discussing academic texts to developing your debating and presenting skills.

Outside of the College

At Bellerbys, you will be living and learning in a truly international environment. With friends from all over the world, you can use English to talk to one another. This is valuable practice and will help in your lessons. Outside of the school, English will be how you communicate with the people you meet.

Get a world-class education

Bellerbys London Star Student NURBIKE TULEN

UK universities have a strong global reputation, 76 UK universities feature in the 2018 QS World University Rankings. Four are currently ranked among the world's top 10. A 2016 report by Universities UK said: "91% of international students would recommend the UK over any of its major rivals."

Caroline Marcela from Belgium

Caroline Marcela

"I've always loved the English culture and the idea of studying in English."

Caroline Marcela from Belgium - Studied Science & Pharmacy Foundation and achieved 81%, now studying Biological Sciences (Zoology) at the University of Birmingham