Why choose Bellerbys?

Why study at Bellerbys?

The UK has been welcoming international students for many years. It is a friendly, multicultural place for international students to develop their skills. Choosing to study in the UK ensures you can gain the best skills and qualifications for your future. Full of innovation and original thinking, it is the ideal place to become an expert in your chosen field.

Studying in the UK means you can gain qualifications that are respected all around the world. Many of the world’s top universities are located here, as well as the headquarters of some of the world’s largest businesses. By studying at Bellerbys, you can start your journey to academic and career success.

Life in the UK

Studying in the UK means you have access to world-class art, music and literature. There’s a diverse range of cities, countryside, history, heritage and sport all over the country. There is no better way to discover a new culture and learn the English language than living here.

The UK has a huge international population, and multiculturalism is celebrated throughout. As well as studying in one of our three College locations with other international students, universities in the UK attract a large number of students from outside of the UK.

Mikhail from Russia

Bellerbys student Mikhail

"There are two main benefits to studying at an international college. First, meeting people from different cultures. Secondly, it is easier to adapt to living in a foreign country when you are surrounded with people who are in the same situation."

Mikhail from Russia - Studied A Levels and achieved A*A*AA, now studying Computer Science at the University of Manchester

Attend a globally recognised university

Bellerbys London Star Student Yue Kan

Gain UK qualifications, which have a global reputation for excellence. A Bellerbys education gives you the chance to study at some of the best universities in the world. 

Discover English language and culture

Bellerbys Oxford A level psychology class at the College

There's no better way to learn a language than by spending time talking to native speakers in their home country. Bellerbys can help you improve your English language skills to the level needed for university study in the UK.

Study in an international environment

An international student studying in the library at Bellerbys College in the United Kingdom

Gain a high-quality British education while living in one of the most international countries in the world. Choose a programme relevant to your age and interests at one of our three Colleges.

Develop your skills

Bellerbys science student on an enrichment activity

Enrichment activities help you to gain even more practical and academic experience. Bellerbys can help you stand out from the crowd on your university applications.

A Levels

A Levels are British qualifications, accepted by all universities in the UK and recognised in the USA and Australia. This gives you a world of choice. Students typically study three or four subjects with exams at the end of two years. 

Foundation pathways

A one-year course for international students that builds specialist subject knowledge and language and study skills. It is more focussed than A Levels making it good preparation for university. It is recognised for entry on to a range of degree programmes at more than 70 universities in the UK.


GCSEs are taken as a course of study before taking A Levels or a Foundation pathway. We offer a 2 Year GCSE Pathway programme as well as an intensive 3 and 4 term GCSE programme, offering students from the age of 14 years an early opportunity to establish the language, learning and cultural skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education.

English language courses

If you don’t meet the English language entry requirements for the GCSE, A Level, Foundation or Undergraduate Year 1 programme, you can first study one to three terms of English speaking and writing.