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It is not too early to start thinking about your career. Depending on the industry and career path you want to go in to, you may need to study specific subjects at school and university.

Whether you know your future career plans, or simply want to explore your options, our career guides will help you with choosing the right degree.

Each career guide explores what a particular job involves, daily responsibilities, key skills, salary and qualifications. 

Architect job profile


Architects design buildings, such as houses, shops, offices and factories. Find out about architecture careers, key skills, day-to-day duties and salary.  

How to become an architect

An architect working on a project

To become an architect in the UK, you need to study a course validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Find out if it is the career for you.

Dentist job profile

A dentist examining a patient

Dentists provide dental care to the public and can work privately, for the NHS, or both. Find out about careers in dentistry - such as key skills, day-to-day duties and salary. 

How to become a dentist

The inside of a dentist surgery

Becoming a dentist in the UK involves undergraduate study in the subject as well as accreditation from the General Dental Council. Discover if a career in dentistry is right for you with our helpful guide.

Dietitian job profile

A blood pressure machine

Registered dietitians diagnose and treat people using their expertise in diet and nutrition. Find out about different types of dietitians, their key skills, where they work and how much they earn.

How to become a dietitian

A doctor and a patient look at a laptop screen

To become a dietitian in the UK, you need to study a degree that is approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Find out how to follow this career path.

Hospital doctor job profile


Medicine is a wide field with many areas you can specialise in. Read our guide to find out what the career involves and skills you need.

How to become a doctor


To become a hospital doctor in the UK, you need to complete a medical degree and many years of training. Find out if it is the career for you.

Investment banker job profile

Two business people shake hands in a meeting

Investment banking is an exciting and international career, utilising a variety of different skills. Find out if you have the skills necessary for a career in this industry.

How to become an investment banker

Analysing finances and using a calculator

You can become an investment banker in the UK after studying a range of undergraduate degrees. Discover the steps you can take to embark on a career in investment banking.

Lawyer job profile

Lawyer with laptop and justice statue Getty Images

Lawyers advise clients on all aspects of the law and present cases at court proceedings and hearings. Learn about different areas of law with our guide.

How to become a lawyer

A gavel of a judge and a scale of justice Getty Images

To become a lawyer in the UK, you need  a university degree and several years of training. Find out about qualifications you need and career opportunities.

Mechanical engineer job profile

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the design, development and operation of machines and systems. Discover the responsibilities, salary, skills and career opportunities for mechanical engineers. 

How to become an engineer

Wind farm engineer surveying

There are four main types of engineer: chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical. Find out the different routes to access a career in engineering in the United Kingdom.

Physiotherapist job profile

Physiotherapist helps an elderly man lift weights

Physiotherapists help people recover from injury, surgery or illness. Find out about the different types of physiotherapist, how much they earn and where they can work.

How to become a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist helps female patient stretch on a medicine ball

To become a physiotherapist, you will need a bachelor's degree, degree apprenticeship, or master's degree. Find out now how to become an accredited physiotherapist.

Radiographer job profile

A patient undergoing radiography diagnosis in a hospital

Radiographers need more than medical and technical knowledge, a good radiographer is a compassionate team player who can communicate easily. Learn more about what it means to be a radiographer.

How to become a radiographer

A radiography room in a hospital

To become a radiographer, you will need to have studied an accredited degree from a relevant university. Discover more about the career paths you can follow.