IELTS Express

IELTS Express

IELTS Express is an intensive six-week English language preparation course taught by experts at Bellerbys College, providing you with the best opportunity to improve your IELTS scores by up to one full point in just six weeks. Starting in July you should complete this course in the summer prior to a September start at university or at Bellerbys College.

When you study at Bellerbys, you will be taught in a modern learning environment by teachers who are experienced in teaching international students, providing you with the best opportunity to improve your IELTS scores by up to one full point.

IELTS Express is the fastest and most effective way to achieve your required level of English language.  

What you'll get in your 6 week programme

  • 25 hours per week and ten hours of homework weekly including academic English and study skills for the IELTS examination
  • Intensive tuition in small classes to ensure you make fast progress.
  • Personal tutors for one-to-one attention. 
  • Classes are divided into reading, writing, listening and speaking with self-study material given each day
  • Weekly mini tests in all skill areas
  • Personal tutors for one-to-one attention
  • Assessment
  • Weekly mini tests in all skill areas
  • IELTS examination taken at the end of the course – 12 August 2017

University entry

If you have the academic qualifications needed for university, you can apply directly to university after completing the IELTS express. Universities in the UK typically require students to have an IELTS of around 6.5 but you must check the specific requirements of your chosen institution.

Key facts

Minimum age: 18+
Course length 6 weeks
Start dates: 3 July to 11 August 2017 with exam on 12 August 2017 See term dates
Entry requirements: Minimum IELTS 4.5
Package price: Brighton: £5,150 (includes tuition, residential accommodation and exam fee)



English Language Preparation

A Bellerbys student in the library

If you need to develop your English language skills before starting your A Levels or Foundation programme at Bellerbys, the English Language Preparation Programme can help.
This fast and tailored course offers 25 hours of teaching time a week.



GCSEs are taken as a course of study before taking A levels or a Foundation pathway. Our GCSE Pathway programme offers students from the age of 13 years an early opportunity to establish the language, learning and cultural skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education.

A Levels

Bellerbys Cambridge students in a Foundation Media class at the College

A Levels are British qualifications, accepted by all universities in the UK and recognised in the USA and Australia. Students who are with us for five or six terms will typically study up to four A Levels. This gives you a world of choice. Students typically study three or four subjects with exams at the end of two years.