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  • How to be a successful A Level student: 5 tips

    23 March 2017
    A Level students in a class at Bellerbys

    Being an A level student can be challenging at times - but worry no more. Here are five top tips to help you sail through your A level studies smoothly with really good results and graduate to an amazing university!

  • Top 10 Bellerbys university destinations in the UK

    21 March 2017
    A student outside Lancaster University

    Bellerbys College works with over 70 UK universities - that’s more than any other international college in the UK. This means you'll have a fantastic choice of progression routes once you’ve completed your studies with us.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh trip

    17 March 2017
    Students during their duke of edinburgh award

    As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, Bellerbys students Hong Minh and Jessie went on an eventful hiking expedition to the New Forest. This is their story.

  • How old do you have to be to study abroad?

    16 March 2017
    Bellerbys Cambridge students in the library at the college

    There’s no need to wait until university - you can study in the UK from as young as 14 years old. Whether you’re preparing for entry to a UK university, looking to broaden your career or study horizons, or just want to get a taste of what a British education feels like, Bellerbys has a course for you, whatever your age.

  • How do UK A Levels work?

    10 March 2017
    A Level student in the library

    Like many international students, when I came to the UK I jumped head first into an educational system I did not understand. This post explains GCE A levels in the UK so you will know what to expect.

  • Five ways to make your learning more effective

    08 March 2017
    A Bellerbys student studying

    Studying abroad is a big change for anyone and we want you to get the most out of your experience. Whether you’re doing your GCSEs, A levels or a pre-university foundation course, here are five tips to make your learning more effective.

  • 10 reasons to study in Brighton

    08 March 2017
    Brighton pier

    When deciding to come study in the UK, I knew I wanted to live by the sea. I also knew that I wanted a compromise between the liveliness of a big city and the close feeling of a small town where you can walk around and always run into someone you know. Brighton offers all that, and much more, and that makes it one of the best cities in the world to study and live in!

  • What to expect on your first day in college

    08 March 2017
    Bellerbys Cambridge students talking to Academic Director Isaac Ayamba

    Everyone’s first day will obviously be a little bit different and everyone wonders what to do on their first day of college. I hope I will make waiting for your own first day at college a little bit less stressful by sharing with you what my own first day was like, and showing you that it was not a bad experience at all - quite the opposite, actually.

  • How to apply to study A Levels in the United Kingdom

    07 March 2017
    An A Level class

    International students come to Britain to study A levels because the UK's high educational standards and way of life make it a desirable place to study.

  • Study abroad: What to pack

    06 March 2017
    A student packing

    I still vividly remember the frenzied period right before my first arrival in London. My family and I spent every waking hour trying to figure out what I would need to pack for my journey to study at Bellerbys College in the UK.  Now, after four years of moving with my life packed in two suitcases and one backpack, I present the ultimate packing list for students travelling to study in the UK.

  • 10 drawbacks about London that are actually good things

    02 March 2017
    The London Eye

    Are you thinking about studying in London but can’t make up your mind?  I’m not going to say the usual stuff. I'll tell you why all those "drawbacks" are the reasons why you should study in London.

  • Where are the best places to study in the United Kingdom?

    28 February 2017
    Bellerbys students in Brighton

    Studying in the UK is probably one of the best decisions of a lifetime. Picking a university from the variety available in the UK depends on a lot of factors. You should research the choices available to decide which universities will suit you best.

  • Induction Programmes for International Students

    28 February 2017
    Induction day at Bellerbys

    The Bellerbys student induction programmes are designed to make sure that newly-arrived and progressing international students are given all the information you will need for a successful school year. They are an essential part of your student orientation and should not be missed.

  • One year courses to get to university

    23 February 2017
    Students in an english class

    If you want to attend a prestigious UK university, chances are you already know how competitive it is to gain a place. Whether you plan to study Medicine, Music, Maths, or IT, you can stand-out and get a head-start by taking a one-year foundation course with an international college that not only has a reputation for excellence, but also has the facts to back it up. 

  • Excellent A Level results success for Bellerbys students

    17 February 2017
    Bellerbys A Level results success

    Bellerbys' 2016 A level students achieved fantastic results and went on to study at top UK universities. 

  • Best British college for foreign students

    16 February 2017
    A Bellerbys star student

    When choosing a college for international students in the UK you need to check that, as well as academic excellence, it provides the practical support and facilities to help you succeed and enjoy your time studying in the UK

  • Best boarding schools in the united kingdom

    15 February 2017
    Bellerbys Cambridge students

    Studying away from home can be a big step, whether you’re a parent or student. Naturally, you’ll want to find the very best education institute, with a welcoming atmosphere, along with a fantastic track-record in achievement and success.

  • A Level or Foundation - which should I choose?

    15 February 2017
    Bellerbys students in a class

    As well as academic ability, universities want you to demonstrate key skills and a genuine interest in your chosen subject. With lots of different courses and routes to university available it can be hard to choose the right option. But don’t worry, we’re can help you find the right pre-university course for you.

  • The pros and cons of living in a college residence

    13 February 2017
    Bellerbys students in their accommodation
    When you travel to study in a new country living in comfortable accommodation is an important part of settling down to your studies and making friends. Bellerbys give you the choice of modern college residences, sometimes called dorms, or a Homestay with a local family. There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices.  Here are my pros and cons of living in a college residence.