Why study A Level Maths and Further Maths?

23 November 2020
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Studying Maths at A Level gives you a great platform, even if you do not go on to pursue it at degree level. It is one of the Russell Group’s ‘facilitating subjects’, meaning it will help in a huge range of university degrees, keeping your options open and leading you towards a range of careers.

What’s the difference between A Level Maths and Further Maths?

A Level Maths (sometimes called single maths) is mainly core maths, covering standard mathematical principles like calculus and trigonometry. Further Maths gives you a broader knowledge and understanding of mathematical principles, especially in ‘applied’ areas (like statistics or mechanics). These lead more directly into degrees in finance or engineering.

You have to study A Level Maths alongside Further Maths (although you can do Maths on its own if you are not planning to take Further Maths). Some universities require both qualifications from those applying to study maths at undergraduate level.

Why study A Level Maths and Further Maths?

Studying Maths and Further Maths at A Level expands your options in a number of ways.

Reach your academic goals

A good knowledge of maths will help you reach your academic goals. It is an entry requirement for many undergraduate university degrees and can also expand your options if you want to continue to postgraduate study.

Gain key life skills

Maths is not just important in an academic respect, but also to give you key life skills such as numeracy, data analysis, logical thinking, and problem-solving.

Make yourself more employable

The transferrable skills you will gain from studying maths are in demand in a number of careers.

What industries can I work in with maths?

Maths qualifications can lead to interesting, important and well-paid jobs. Some knowledge of maths is useful in almost any job, but it is especially key in certain sectors. These include:


Statisticians play a vital role in a number of industries, interpreting data to help find solutions to problems. From public health, to the environment, to government, you could make a real difference in this field.


All technology is founded in maths, and technology is a bigger force in the world than ever before. Whether you want to work in software engineering, network security, games design, or something else entirely, maths will help you get there.


Apply maths to real-world problems to help design solutions and improve people’s lives around the world.


Architects uses elements of geography, algebra and trigonometry in designing buildings to make them safe and stable. However, there is a cosmetic application too; the rules of symmetry, which make buildings look attractive, are also based on mathematic principles.


Having an understanding of numbers, data, and analysis will help you stand out to employers in the world of finance.

Starting your own business

Any good entrepreneur needs some knowledge of maths. Understanding your margins, as well as cost of goods and cash flow, will help you stay ahead of the rest.

Careers with maths

Jobs directly related to maths include:

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Actuary
  • Chartered accountant
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Investment analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Statistician

Other job areas in which maths could be useful include:

  • Medicine
  • Medical technology
  • Science and research

Study maths in the UK

Studying in the UK is also a great way to experience a new culture and practise your English at the same time, which could help you find a career in future. The UK has a long tradition of producing famous mathematicians, from Sir Isaac Newton to Alan Turing, and its universities are known worldwide for their quality of teaching and graduate outcomes. Teaching staff are engaged in active research and facilities are world-leading.

It is often easier to gain a place at a top UK university if you have British higher education qualifications. At Bellerbys College, you can study mathematics at A Level, and receive one-to-one support when it comes to applying for university.

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