Why study business in London?

22 May 2017
London skyline

Choose London for business 

London is the beating heart of the British economy. An international hub for the finance and service industries, it is home to the headquarters of many major international corporations. It’s a very exciting place to be for students with a passion for business.

Bellerbys London is a specialist centre for business, finance, marketing and law foundation courses and A levels, that gives international students a unique chance to experience all London has to offer while studying to get into the best universities and business schools in the UK.

Enrichment activities that you won’t find anywhere else

Bellerbys London has close links with top universities, financial institutions and corporations in the city. It uses these links to give you a helpful preview of the business world. Through our tailored enrichment programmes, students receive highly stimulating learning experiences outside of the classroom, in the real world.

It’s a chance for you to get hands on, apply your learning to real business scenarios and learn first-hand from today’s business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Some of the inspiring enrichment activities you can expect when you get to Bellerbys London include: 

  • diverse presentations, lectures and workshops from university and corporate guest speakers
  • student-led, practical, task-based workshops and projects
  • trips to business schools, local and international businesses and leading universities, including LSE, Cass and UCL.
  • tours of the trade floors of HSBC investment bank
  • the chance to take part in national business competitions like KPMG’s Base Competition
  • Young Enterprise Scheme – helping you get to grips with setting up a business
  • tours of the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange.

An international outlook

London is a city that mirrors Bellerbys’ international outlook. You’ll be studying with students from all over the globe, drawn here by the exciting business opportunities that London offers. It means you’ll widen your knowledge and understanding of cultures that are new to you. Learn about business practices overseas, and get used to communicating with a diverse range of people – just as you’ll have to do in your future business careers. You’ll build a global network of lifelong friends who you’ll be able to call on for support for years to come.

Specialist training 

As a centre that specialises in business, Bellerbys London is able to provide highly tailored learning for students who have a real enthusiasm for business subjects. Expert teachers prepare detailed course work that includes traditional and interactive learning. All course work is designed to challenge the promising business people of tomorrow. You’ll be surrounded by classmates who share your interest in business. This makes it easy to discuss your ideas, goals, and the latest business news every day. Studying alongside other students who you can truly connect with can be very motivating.

Why a Business Foundation course? 

If you want to study business at a UK university or business school, a Business Foundation course can really help. It helps you get the grades, study skills and English language scores you need to get into university in the UK. It also gives you a year to settle into life in the UK, getting used to the culture, language, and weather, and you’ll have a chance to make friends before you begin the exciting challenge of your university degree studies.

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