Why study a foundation year in the UK

02 June 2021
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Studying a foundation year in the UK is a great opportunity for you to adjust to life here, while developing your academic and English language skills. Each year, students around the world choose to study a foundation year before starting their undergraduate degree at a UK university.

If you are an international student looking to study at a university in the UK, an international foundation year is a great place to start.

What is an international foundation year?

An international foundation year allows you to take your first step towards a university degree. Your foundation year will be made up of modules specific to your chosen subject, as well as modules that will develop your English language levels. By studying a foundation programme, you ensure that your academic knowledge, study strategy and language skills are at the correct level needed for university study.

A foundation year in the UK normally lasts for one academic year. Depending on where you decide to complete the programme, it will likely be three terms, or two semesters. For students who need additional academic and English language support, you can study an extended foundation programme which is taught over four terms.

What do you earn by completing a foundation year?

Successfully completing the Bellerbys Foundation year will result in you receiving a number of conditional and unconditional offers from top UK universities to study an undergraduate degree. Your chosen university will recognise a successfully completed Bellerbys Foundation, and so you’ll be invited to join the first year of your chosen degree.

At Bellerbys, we are partnered with high-ranking universities, and we offer guaranteed and conditional progression to our partner universities depending on your chosen Foundation programme and campus choice. This means you have the benefit of choosing and applying to the university that suits your needs while you complete your foundation year. You can learn more about our programme here.

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What foundation subjects can I study?

Foundation programmes are offered in a wide range of subjects. The content of the course will cover all the knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen degree once you progress to university. The Foundation programme at Bellerbys is offered in eleven subject pathways:

Whatever your passion, we have the perfect Foundation pathway to help you on your journey.

Benefits of studying a foundation year in the UK

Designed for international students

We know that studying abroad is a big commitment - that’s why we’ve designed our Foundation year pathways to help international students get used to life here in the UK. Alongside offering a safe and supportive environment, we use our expertise to make sure our students are self-assured and knowledgeable for their university career.

A stepping stone to university

Every country has different ways of teaching and measuring success. This means that students are awarded different qualifications, not all of which are internationally recognised. By completing a foundation course in the UK, you show universities that you have the skill and knowledge base to join them.

Gain an introduction to your subject

Whichever subject pathway you choose, the modules you study during your foundation year ensure you have a solid base of subject knowledge so you’re ready for university. You’ll be able to start your undergraduate journey with confidence.

Familiarise yourself with university-style teaching

A foundation year gives you the time to adjust to university-style teaching before progressing to your chosen university. The Bellerbys Foundation is taught in a similar way to UK universities. The curriculum that you’ll learn from is accredited by Lancaster University, so you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality UK teaching experience.

Improve your English language skills

A UK foundation course can also help to boost your English language level. You will be fully immersed in UK culture while you study with us – you’ll be assessed and taught in English as well as speak English every day with your classmates. In addition, we also provide focused training and support to improve your academic English skills.

A supportive environment

When you join a Bellerbys Foundation year, you also become a member of a diverse, international community. Not only are our staff experts in supporting international students, but your class will also be made up of students from around the world. You can learn and grow in a safe and caring environment before you start university.

A fast-track to university

Our Foundation is a great option for students that want a fast-track route to university. With the course lasting either three terms, or four terms if you require an additional term of support, you can gain all the skills you need to study at a UK university in one academic year.

If you have a higher English language level and want to study our Business, Finance and Management Foundation, you also have the option to study your Foundation programme in just two terms.

Why study a foundation year at Bellerbys?

Choose your future

As well as giving you the time to adjust to UK student life, with a Bellerbys Foundation year, you also have the time to choose your progression university. Successfully completing the programme opens the door to over 6,000 degrees at 100 UK universities.

You’ll be able to decide and apply to the right university for you while you study with us. We can guarantee a conditional offer from respected university partners*, and you’ll also receive a letter highlighting your progression opportunities from prestigious universities like Durham University and the University of Exeter.

Live in exciting cities

We have campuses in Brighton or London - so depending on which foundation programme you choose, you’ll be based in one of these two fantastic cities.

In Brighton, you’ll live and study near the sea in a vibrant creative hub. The city has two universities, so you’ll be among plenty of fellow students. Discover more about life in Brighton here.

London needs little introduction. England’s capital city is famed for its business, finance, media and creative businesses. Bellerbys has connections to London universities and potential employers – you're in an excellent location to work on your future. Our London campus is based just 30 minutes from the centre of the city, so you will be truly immersed in London life.

Choose to be extraordinary

If you are ready to start your journey to a top UK university, you can use our simple application form on our website. Alternatively, read more about how we prepare students for university here.

*Offer of guaranteed progression subject to: submission of completed UCAS application, academic reference and personal statement, meeting required standard, passing A Level/Foundation programme with the required grades and English language level. Only for degree programmes listed and conditions stated on conditional progression letters.