Why should international students study in the United Kingdom?

20 April 2017
Students in a class at Bellerbys

Study in the UK 

With more than 430,000 international students coming to the UK each year, according to figures published by UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), the UK is definitely a popular place to study. From great teaching to a wide choice of subjects and study pathways, there are lots of reasons to choose the UK as your study destination.


English is an increasingly important language to master, particularly in the world of business and finance. As a student in the UK you’ll develop excellent English language skills, by speaking with native speakers every day. At Bellerbys College, all our courses, from GCSE to Pre-Masters, include English language tuition to ensure your English language skills develop quickly. And if your IELTS score isn’t quite high enough to get you on to one of our courses, our English Language Preparation programme or IELTS Express course can give you can get the extra training you need.

Educational quality

According to the QS World University rankings, four of the top ten universities in the world are in the UK. And, the Research Assessment Exercise, rates UK university research as internationally excellent and world leading.

British schools, colleges and universities are subject to rigorous annual inspection by bodies including the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This ensures that high teaching standards are maintained. Bellerbys student success rates are evidence of the quality of teaching here in the UK -  89% of our A level students graduating to the top 50 UK universities in 2016.

Earn internationally recognised qualifications

Impressive UK teaching standards have earned the country a much-respected reputation around the world. The result is that employers and learning establishments around the globe recognise and respect qualifications gained at British colleges and universities. Earning qualifications in the UK can make it easier to pursue further study, research or a career anywhere in the world.

You'll get a friendly welcome

Britain has a long tradition of welcoming international students into its universities, schools and colleges. The majority of colleges and universities are experienced in dealing with the unique worries and challenges faced by overseas students of all ages who come to the UK. British universities and colleges usually have specialist staff, or whole departments, dedicated to helping international students.

As a specialist international school, Bellerbys College has been helping students enjoy the best possible level of education and settle into life in the UK for over 50 years. At Bellerbys you also have the opportunity to live with a British family as a homestay student. This is a great way to experience real life in the UK, with the warm, friendly support of a family while you’re away from home.

The UK has great cultural diversity

The UK is home to a rich mix of ethnic groups, particularly within its larger cities. In London alone you’ll hear more than 300 languages spoken, and find more than 50 non-indigenous communities.

Cultural diversity makes the UK a fascinating place to live and study. Wherever you come from, the chances are you’ll be able to find shops selling food and treats you miss from home, as well as people who share your culture, language and background.

UK life is fun

The UK is a uniquely welcoming place for international students.

From the highlands of Scotland to the bustling cities of London and Birmingham, and Stonehenge to the beautiful Lake District, there’s so much to explore in the UK. Museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants serve up global menus, gigs, and some of the best music, film, theatre, comedy and literary festivals in the world - you’ll never be short of new experiences to try.

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