What is a pre university course?

15 May 2017
Bellerbys students in a science class

Preparation for university study

Education standards in the UK are very high. To gain entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme at a British university you need to meet strict entry requirements. To differentiate applicants of equal academic ability, admissions tutors are increasingly looking for more activities on a student’s CV than just academic achievements. And if you’re an international student you’ll need to prove that you have reached a certain level of English language proficiency too.

If you need a little help meeting these requirements, don’t worry. There is plenty of pre-university support for you at Bellerbys through our specialist university preparation. University preparation courses are a great option for international students who want to improve their academic and language skills. All students have different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to ensure that the programme you’re studying is built around you. Our highly-skilled tutors appreciate that all students have different ways of working and will coach you to find the most effective way to achieve the goals you have set.

University preparation courses have several benefits

  • Get the grades you need.
  • Courses are short – typically no longer than one year.
  • Boost your confidence before you begin more intensive study as part of a UK degree programme.
  • Get used to UK teaching and study methods.
  • Spend some time in the UK before your degree course, to get used to your new home, make friends and settle in.
  • Improve your English language skills before they’re put to the test at university.

You’ll find a range of university preparation courses at Bellerbys

Foundation year

If you choose to study for the one year Foundation programmes at Bellerbys, you’ll be surrounded with motivated, like-minded students who have a passion for learning . The intensive nature of the course makes it possible to complete the programme in less than a year.

Foundation years combine English language skills, and university study skills with subjects that are closely related to your chosen degree programme. It is designed for people who have left high school and want to begin an undergraduate degree programme at a British university. You will achieve the level of knowledge, confidence, and English language proficiency needed to succeed on an undergraduate degree course in the UK.

Foundation year courses are ideal for international students who:

  • don’t have the right grades to qualify for entry into a British degree programme
  • don’t meet the English language requirements for entry into a UK degree course
  • imply want to strengthen or refresh their learning and ensure that they’re as confident as possible when beginning their degree programme.

International Year 1 programmes

Bellerbys International Year 1 programme is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree. It allows you to enter straight into the second year of a UK university degree once you’ve qualified.

For example, the International Year 1 in Business and Management prepares suitably qualified students to enter the higher education system with confidence. It provides UK university-level business teaching that’s specifically tailored to the needs of international students. The emphasis is on English language learning. On completion you can choose from a range of business-related degrees at one of 25 partner universities.

English language preparation

If you have the right grades to gain entry into the UK university study programme of your choice, but you haven’t quite reached the level of English proficiency that’s required, you can choose from a range of language-only university preparation courses.

  • Our English Language Preparation Programme is an intensive English language course that can be taken over one, two or three terms in the lead-up to further study. It ensures that you achieve the IELTS score you need to get into the UK degree programme of your choice. At Bellerbys it involves 25 hours of English language tuition per week, as well as examination preparation and skills classes.