Top 10 reasons to study abroad

24 April 2017
Students in Oxford

Why study abroad? 

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In recent times studying abroad has become increasingly popular. So much so I thought I’d share my top ten reasons to study abroad.

1. It is an entirely different experience

Where you choose to study has a huge impact on the whole learning process. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet new people, make lifelong friends from different cultures, and experience new styles of learning in unfamiliar surroundings. Being immersed in a totally different experience will boost your intellectual growth.  

2. See the world and grow

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity see the world and grow in a way you could not have done if you had stayed in your hometown. Your ambitions and confidence will expand as you experience a new way of life in a different culture. It can open doors that lead to many new and amazing opportunities, encourage you to push beyond your own limits and expand your imagination. 

3. Learn to work hard for what you want

In my own experience, studying has pushed me to work harder than I would have if I was back in my own country. This is because you are aware that there are people back home thinking of you and hoping that you become great one day. It is very inspiring to think that you might become a role model that people can look up to.

4. Appreciate your home country

Being away from your home country makes you appreciate things you may have previously taken for granted. Living in a new country allows you to see things about your home country from an outsider’s point of view. You will begin to appreciate all the good things you left behind and positively critique  the areas that need change.

5. New perspectives

Studying abroad provides opportunities to meet and interact with people from various nationalities, religions and cultures. And in doing so, dispel negative stereotypes and get to understand different perspectives on life. Being abroad, you’re exposed to new people, new cultures, new surroundings and new behaviours. All of these experiences will change you in one way or another. This change can be instrumental in defining who you are as an individual that may even change the world one day!

6. Meet new people

This is one of the obvious reasons to study abroad. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people who as time goes by could even become the best friends you'll treasure all your life.

7. Learn a new language

It’s a thing of pride to be fluent in a language other than your mother tongue. Living and studying abroad will make this happen. It's possible to become bilingual or even trilingual which will boost your CV be a lifelong benefit too - explore the English Language Preparation Programme at Bellerbys. 

8. Employment opportunities

The experience of studying abroad will be a fantastic addition to your CV and make you more attractive to international employers. And if you ever need to travel for your career, after studying abroad at such an early age, traveling or relocating will be easy for you.

9. New mind set

Due to the media or folk stories in your own country, you may have developed an image of people from other countries or races. Studying abroad helps to dispel these ideas and lets you to see others for who they really are, not just stereotypes.

10. Independence

Living away from your family and being in an entirely new place is not an easy thing, especially for a teenager. It takes a lot of courage. But your independence will naturally grow from studying abroad. This new independence is so beneficial you can take it with you anywhere in the world, for the rest of your life. It's an important life skill that goes beyond classic education.

You will not regret studying abroad, trust me. So make that step.

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