Bellerbys: An A Level college in the United Kingdom

04 April 2017
Bellerbys College, Brighton

Studying A Level in the UK 

The UK has one of the most respected education systems in the world and is home to some of the finest schools and universities. Many international students consider a UK education as the gold standard of academic achievement – knowing that the skills they acquire at an international college in the UK will start them on the path to an outstanding career.

A levels, or ‘GCE Advanced Levels’ as they are properly called, are the most popular high level exams in the UK. They are usually taken by students in their final two years of secondary education, between the ages of seventeen and eighteen. These exams are used by most universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to determine which students to admit. Although they are a British qualification, their status and reputation are recognised around the globe. To be accepted by the very best university, it is vital to do well three or more A level exams.

Seek and you will find

Finding the top A-level college in the UK for international students may seem like a daunting task. The question to ask is 'what percentage of A level students achieve the highest grade in a particular year'? At Bellerbys College, 75% of all students taking A levels were awarded A* to B, the highest grades. This compares to the national average of 53% for the rest of the UK. Our success is a clear indication of the quality of teaching on offer and a resounding endorsement of the expertise and experience of our teaching staff.

Top college = Bellerbys

Grade rankings are not the only things that are indicative of a first-rate education. At Bellerbys, we’re not simply a top college because of how well our students do. It’s also vital to us that they enjoy their time here, too. Our ethos is built on a personalised system of teaching: where each student is given the time and attention to develop their own learning strategy and deploy it effectively. Our teaching staff has many years’ experience of getting the best out of pupils and we recognise that all students learn in a different way and at a different pace. We use the latest e-learning techniques, in conjunction with an integrated technology infrastructure which includes WiFi networks and fully-equipped IT suites and libraries. The result is a modern and progressive school that maintains traditional standards of teaching excellence and academic rigour.

Time to study in the UK

Nothing is more valuable when it comes to selecting a good school than seeing the campus itself to get a taste of the atmosphere. For students to do well, they not only need fantastic teaching staff, but great facilities too. A level exams are demanding and worrying about where you live or how you’re going to get into town is a distraction that students can do without.

At Bellerbys, all three of our campuses are conveniently located to ensure students can easily get to shops and the rich array of leisure activities to be found at our campuses in London and Brighton.

Our purpose-built halls of residence are equipped with all the amenities you’d expect, including Wi-Fi and laundry equipment, to communal areas and cafeterias. It is this combination of outstanding facilities and excellent teaching that make Bellerbys the first choice if you want to study A levels in the UK.

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