My experience with Prepare for Success

29 March 2021
Student ambassador Zee outdoors

My name is Zee, I am from Indonesia and a current Bellerbys student in my first year of A Level study. In three months, I will be finishing my first year of A Levels and let me tell you, it’s been a crazy journey so far. Today, I wanted to share my experience of the virtual preparational course, Prepare for Success.

Starting my Bellerbys journey

Let’s go back in time to September 2020, before the school year started – after my application process was finished, I was introduced to Prepare for Success when my parents got an email asking if I was interested in enrolling. Before I tell you all about what I have learned and my experience with the course, let me introduce you to what it is: Prepare for Success is a virtual preparation course, delivered at no extra cost, that you are eligible to join before the start of your academic studies, either in September or January. The course is made up of a combination of self-study content, live tutor classes, live enrichment classes and discussion forums, with the overall aim to build your confidence and allow you to engage with students and tutors.

Reintroduction to education

After I finished my last year at the school I attended before coming to Bellerbys, I had a three-month break and absolutely forgot everything I learned, from the materials I studied up to writing a simple structured essay. I was definitely not ready to go back to school, especially one in an entirely new country where I have never lived before. Prepare for Success provides learning modules on a couple of different topics each week, and I found the English topic very helpful. With it, I was able to improve my writing and speaking skills before starting my studies at Bellerbys. I learned how to structure an essay properly, use the right verbs and nouns in a sentence and practised the proper way of speaking in English. These are all extremely important skills to develop, especially when you are not very fluent in English to start with.

Highlights of the course

I personally enjoyed the variety of topics discussed during the nine weeks of Prepare for Success, although I would have to say my favourite element, and the most useful for developing my confidence, was the “Living in the UK” topic. I learned essential things I needed to know before I arrive in the UK, such as how to open a bank account, afterschool activities, and even some British slang words. I also really enjoyed the enrichment programmes and I had so much fun, which I did not think was possible to have that much fun online. I participated in enrichments where students work out together, draw together and learn together. However, I do regret not participating in the cooking activity, I think learning how to cook and showing off your result to other people seems like a great fun.

I said it twice and I will say it again, Prepare for Success has really helped me get back on my feet after three months of summer break – I found it useful and I am sure you guys will too.

P.S. A little tip – join the “Prepare for Success Video Competition”! I really enjoyed the process of making the video, and I also got to win 2nd place with a prize. Since then, I have become a Student Ambassador at the College!