Induction Programmes for International Students

28 February 2017
Induction day at Bellerbys

Joining Bellerbys College 

The induction programme for Bellerbys international students is designed to ensure you get all the information you will need start your new life in the UK.

If it's your first time in the UK will find yourself in an unfamiliar environment in which everything is different from what you are used to. The induction programmes will help dispel any anxiety by providing all the essential information that every new student needs, as well as answering all your queries.

If you have finished one course at Bellerbys and are moving on to the next, you will already be familiar with your surroundings. However, the transition to a new level of study can be challenging. The induction programmes are designed to help you make a smooth transition from one course to the next.

We strongly recommend that all students to arrive in the UK in time to attend the induction programmes, as they are crucial to help you prepare for your stay.

When are the student induction programmes?

Bellerbys induction programmes are two or three day events that are held at all three colleges in Brighton, Cambridge and London. The length of the induction programme varies from centre to centre. The London Induction Programme has one extra day.

The Brighton centre also has an extra programme for students and their accompanying parents. This usually includes an afternoon tea party with Student Council representatives followed by an evening reception for parents.

All induction programmes start early in the morning so make sure you get enough rest the night before. 

What to bring to the induction programme

On your first day, remember to bring the following documents:

  • Your Bellerbys enrolment documents, including your CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies) and letter of acceptance.
  • Your passport as proof of identification.
  • Proof of your English language proficiency level. This can be your IETLS certificate, which may exempt you from taking the English assessment test.

What is included in the induction programmes?

A detailed timetable for your induction programme will be included in your Welcome Pack, which will be ready for you when you arrive. It is highly recommended that you read through your pack before starting classes.

On the first day,  the first event is Welcome and Registration where you will officially register with Bellerbys. Your passport will be collected so that a photocopy can be made and stored in your official record. Your ID photograph will also be taken and your ID pass will be ready by the end of the induction programme.

You will be welcomed by the Principal and Academic Director and introduced to the Programme Managers who are responsible for your course.

A full administration induction includes an introduction to the administration staff who will provide you with general information about welfare, accommodation, visa requirements and attendance.

A brief tour of the centre will familiarise you with the layout of the centre, school facilities and the location of important rooms such as the Study Centre, Student Services.

The lunch break is a chance to meet your new course mates and get to know the people you will be spending time with most days, so don’t forget to smile, introduce yourself and form bonds for life.

In the afternoon you will be asked to complete registration forms, welfare forms, health declarations, and police registration forms if necessary.

The second day of induction includes a tour around your city and an English placement test (which you may be exempted from if you have your IETLS certificate).

There is also a full academic induction. The Programme Managers will guide you through the essential information you are required to know to be fully prepared for the academic year. 

Get the most from your student induction programme

The induction programmes may seem like a lot of work but it is an essential experience for international students wishing to study in colleges in the UK.

I really recommend that you read through your Welcome Pack before you start classes because you will bombarded with information, swamped by forms that need filling in and introduced to so many people whose name you may forget the next day. 

To avoid ‘information overload’, you can do some research before coming to the UK. The Internet is your friend, there are many websites providing information along with tips and advice. That of course doesn’t mean that you can skip the induction programmes. 

Bellerbys induction programmes are designed to help you settle in quickly and start your academic year on the right footing. They're an experience that must not be missed.