How to make friends at international college

18 April 2017
International students

Making friends when you arrive 

No one is an island - you’ve probably come across that saying before. As well as studying and going to class, your social life is a big part of college life.

That’s one of the huge benefits of studying at an international college. It’s just like having a huge box of different chocolates to choose from. You can make life-long friends people of various nationalities from all over the world. The question is: how do I do this?

1. Have confidence

Remember that when you first arrive, everyone else will be as nervous as you are. Don't be afraid to make the first move and reach out to others. It doesn’t have to be much, just a friendly 'hello' is a big step towards making new friends.

2. Smile

This is so important. Remember you’re in a building full of people who are all potential friends. When you smile, you look cheerful and more approachable.

3. Be nice

There are so many ways to be nice. Holding the lift or door is a good start. People will appreciate it and remember how friendly you are. Look for more nice ways to connect with people.

4. Join in

Bellerbys Colleges offer a range of non-academic activities from street dance, drumming and acapella singing, to football, table tennis, basket ball and so much more. There’s always something to get involved. As well as being lots of fun, you’ll get to meet people who have the same interests as you.

5. Interact in class

At Bellerbys, everyone is assigned to a class with a maximum of 10 people. That's nine potential new friends. It’s normal to be shy initially but as time goes on try to involve yourself in the class. Participate actively in discussions try not to be passive or silent. This will not just help improve your grades but also improve your confidence and help to make good friends within the class.

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