How to improve your wellbeing

07 July 2021
Deckchairs on Brighton beach with calm sea

Hello Everyone,
It’s me, your Bellerbys Student Ambassador. My name is Ananda Zuraenee Sudarmaji and I JUST finished my Y12 A levels exam. Despite the exams taking a toll on my happiness lately, I am very glad they’re over. In this blog, I will be talking about how to improve your wellbeing when you feel down or feel overwhelmed, based on my past experiences. Some of you may have just finished your exams or are already in the middle of a holiday. You all deserve a long cheerful and bright summer break, although if you are in the UK we may need to take a rain check on that one! 

Despite the current situation, your wellbeing is something that needs to be taken care of all year along. Here are a few of my tips:

Get out of your room!

Now I don’t mean you should leave your room right this second; I mean go on a walk and take some fresh air, maybe in the morning, after lunch, or after dinnertime. Go to the beach, go on a picnic, visit a museum (museums are usually free in the UK), or even go on a shopping spree. Being adventurous is fun and it helps you to avoid boredom or feeling unmotivated; you may also find yourself happy when you find new places that you didn’t know existed. I would go on different routes and walk miles away from home – this helps me gain different perspectives. Of course, you have to take safety precautions and travel around safe neighbourhoods or bring your friends for company.

Create a fun routine

The body develops a habit after five weeks of doing something repeatedly. It’s important to be in the present and nothing is better than having a healthy, balanced routine. Incorporate 30 minutes exercise every day – even a simple walk would make a big difference as to how you feel about yourself. You should be able to take time to try a new hobby or learn a new skill, even if it’s for a short period of time. I would recommend painting or playing video games – restricting yourself to how long you should be spending on these things can also help you become more independent and control your wants. Lastly, sleep – a good sleep vs an excessive sleep is very different. Sleeping too much (9+ hours) can actually make you feel worse and may lead to health problems.

Have fun… by yourself

The internet may suggest that you should reconnect with your friends, but what if I don’t want to do that? Is being with others going to drastically improve my wellbeing? Not necessarily, no. There are times when I hang out with my friends and instead of feeling relieved, I feel drained. But, each to their own. I tend to rely my happiness on other people instead of on myself and I have come to realisation that this shouldn’t be the case and I should be happy on my own. As the saying goes, “In order to love other people, you have to love yourself first”, so in order to be happy with everyone else, we need to be happy within ourselves. So, try doing activities that you would usually do with your friends, but alone. For example, eating at a restaurant without feeling awkward is a power boss move. Learn to enjoy the presence of you before you enjoy someone else’s. This will help you become more open-minded and independent. It does not mean you have to abandon your friends, but an occasional ME-time may be good for you.