How old do you have to be to study abroad?

16 March 2017
Bellerbys Cambridge students in the library at the college

At what age can you study in the UK as an international student? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to studying abroad.

Everyone matures at a different pace. Some people are sure of their career and study goals early, while others take a while to find out what they really want to do. You might need time to develop the confidence to leave your family and friends behind and study overseas, or you might feel that you’re more than ready and willing to study abroad right now.

How old do I have to be?

Most international students make the move to study in the UK after high school. More than 400,000 international students head for the UK each year. Many enter undergraduate degree programmes or Masters degree programmes at university, and a quarter of them choose to study in London.

But you needn’t wait until you’ve finished high school in order to fulfil your dreams of studying abroad. Bellerbys Colleges offer GCSE programmes in the UK that are suitable for high school students aged 14 years and up.

What can I study?

Younger students have a fantastic range of study options at Bellerbys colleges in London, Brighton and Cambridge to help you get a head start and begin your journey towards a great UK university career.  GCSE and pre-GCSE programmes allow you to:

  • build the language, learning and cultural skills you need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education
  • achieve the GCSE grades you need to continue on to A level study and then university
  • experience what it feels like to study at a UK high school and get British qualifications
  • choose a mixture of subjects that you love.

You can also choose from five GCSE Pathway Programmes at Bellerbys Brighton, less than an hour away from London by train

  • Science & Engineering
  • Business & Economics
  • Creative Arts
  • Humanities
  • Young Oxbridge.

Each course features a range of exciting enrichment programmes designed to help you learn outside the classroom. You’ll enjoy guest lectures, hands-on workshops, creative writing classes, museum visits, school trips, London tours and much more.

1-year GCSE and ore-GCSE courses - aged 15+

The year-long Bellerbys GCSE courses provides a grounding in core subjects to enable progression to A level.

A levels - aged 15.5+

A levels are the qualifications that British students need to be accepted by the best UK universities. A level entry requirements vary from course to course and university to university. The more prestigious the university or demanding the course, the higher the A level grades they expect.

You can choose from 20 A level subjects at Bellerbys, that can be studied over three, five or six terms. Each student benefits from a tailored enrichment programme too.

Foundation courses - aged 16.5+

Looking for the best start to your UK degree studies? Whether you need to improve your grades in order to gain entry to the UK university degree programme of your choice, need time to settle in to the UK before you begin university, or simply want to brush up on your English language and academic skills before you begin your degree, you can study a Foundation year at Bellerbys.

  • choose from 12 subject specialisms
  • study at one of three Bellerbys Specialist Study Centres - London, Brighton or Cambridge

Whether you’re preparing for entry to a UK university, looking to broaden your career or study horizons, or just want to get a taste of what a British education feels like, Bellerbys has a course for you, whatever your age.

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