From Bellerbys Foundation student to Formula One junior engineer: Bellerbys Brighton alumnus shares his story

17 September 2021
Student standing in front of racing car

Meet Bellerbys College Brighton alumnus Yuta, from Japan, who studied the Engineering Foundation at Bellerbys before going on to study BEng Automotive Engineering at Loughborough university. We asked him about his time at Bellerbys, how he’s getting on as a university student at Loughborough University and how he’s pursuing a career in Formula One.

What made you want to study at Bellerbys College?

The reason that drove me to come to the UK was to work in the Formula One industry as an engineer in the future.

The UK is known as the mainland for the motorsports industry, and I knew many Loughborough University graduates are working in Formula One teams.

Then, I started looking for a pathway to get into Loughborough University and my agent gave me an option to study at Bellerbys.

I liked the very supportive and constructive educational environment of Bellerbys and the fact that Bellerbys is specialised to educate students from all over the world, so I decided to study at Bellerbys.

Why did you choose to study Foundation?

It is just because my first choice had always been to go to Loughborough University.

Why were you so interested in studying engineering?

I wanted to be an engineer in the Formula One industry and my aim was to study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University, thus it was easy to decide the subject.

Technologies implemented in motor vehicles are all very innovative and exciting to learn. Also, for motorsports applications, we are looking for significantly small details to make a car faster even by 1 m/s.

I think the efforts have been made to just develop a great car or faster racing car are incredible and I really enjoy being a part of this now.

Did Bellerbys help with choosing your university and do you think it was a good thing to be able to choose your university whilst in the UK?

I think Bellerbys has always been very helpful with choosing university and the opportunity that students can choose their university in the UK flexibly is one of the advantages of studying at Bellerbys.

I could arrange casual meetings with supervisors to discuss the future and university when I wanted to. They always gave me the right advice all the time with various options that I can take or consider.

What was your favourite part about studying in Brighton?

I loved to go to support Brighton & Hove Albion FC on the weekend because the stadium is located very close to Bellerbys (10mins by train).

When I was there (2016), Seagulls were fighting for the promotion to the Premier league and we couldn't make it in the end, but I still remember it was a great season.

And of course, I am still a Brighton supporter.

What is your favourite part of living in the UK?

My hobby is watching football, so I really enjoy football culture in the UK.

Food became a challenge when I moved to Loughborough and lived in a catered hall. But overall, I got used to it by now.

Do you have a favourite memory of Bellerbys?

I have so many good memories of Bellerbys, but I can write two down here particularly.

When I first came to Bellerbys, I was very bad at Math. Dr. Dixon was my math teacher at that time and I attended all of his tutorial sessions that ran after normal lectures. Not many students were attending these seminars, and most of the time, it was just me asking questions to Dr. Dixon.

Gradually, my math record got better and better and I could achieve the requirement for Loughborough thanks to the help from Dr. Dixon.

I remember Dr. Dixon published a poem book that year and he gave me a book with some good comments on it that I still hold as a great memory of Bellerbys.

The second one is the memory of a guy working in the small shop in the common room. He loved Formula One as well and we watched races together on the race weekends. He was very frank and funny, and he was actually one of the best friends I made in Bellerbys.

Finishing his MSc Automotive Engineering course soon, Yuta aims to work for one of Formula One teams in the UK as a junior vehicle performance engineer.

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