Explore London through food and festivities

06 September 2017
International students studying at Bellerbys College London can explore London through food.

The UK capital city has one of the most diverse populations on the planet. CNN Travel 2017 described London as being ‘as international as it is British’ when it named it the world’s greatest city. This is reflected in the amazing range of food and festivities it has to offer.

South Asia
Although curry has its roots in Asia, it has been a British favourite for decades. Take the tube out to Southall, near Heathrow Airport, for some of the best Indian food you’ll find in London. Brilliant Restaurant opened its doors several decades ago, serving delicious Punjabi cooking with a Kenyan twist, and you can even take Indian cookery classes here. If you prefer staying closer to the College, Brick Lane has a wide range of Bangladeshi curry houses offering deals to tempt you in from the pavement. Whilst you’re in the area, the eclectic Brick Lane market is a great place to browse after lunch.

Living in London as a student, you’ll find plenty of good Chinese restaurants to choose from. Many of them are in Chinatown, near Leicester Square. If high quality dim sum is what you crave, try Leong’s Legend. It’s located on Macclesfield Street, and you need to knock on the door to gain entry. This part of London is also home to the city’s annual Chinese New Year celebrations. Take your friends along to see the dragons and colourful decorations for a fun day out.

The Caribbean 
For a real taste of traditional home-cooked Caribbean classics, hop on the underground to Brixton. Bamboula’s menu is affordable and offers a range of classics like rice and peas, goat curry, jerk lamb and plantain. The best place to experience London’s Caribbean culture in its full glory is Notting Hill Carnival. Held each year in late August, it’s a real community celebration that attracts crowds of locals and visitors. Here you can watch crowds of brightly coloured dancers pass by whilst enjoying food stalls serving traditional Caribbean cuisine. 

London student life wouldn’t be complete without sampling the UK’s most famous dish: fish and chips. You’ll find plenty of places serving this national favourite throughout the city. Try Fishers on Fulham High Street, which has been serving a wide range of fish dishes since 1982. 

London is famous for another great British food tradition known as pie and mash. Usually served with a thin parsley sauce called liquor, some of the best pie shops in the city have been open since the 1800s. With shops in Deptford and Greenwich, A. J. Goddard is tipped to be one of the best. It may not be the healthiest lunch option for every day, but this great London tradition is a treat worth trying.

Food and festivals are just one aspect of the amazing international student experience you can enjoy living in London. To find out more about student life in London, visit the Bellerbys College London page.