My virtual learning experience

02 March 2021
Passport style photo of student against white wall

Hello and Namaste! My name is Devika and in this blog I will be sharing all about my days virtually studying A Levels.

Having completed one month at Bellerbys College Brighton, which has been great so far, I have managed to get into a routine. Since I am studying from home at the moment, in Mumbai, I have a time difference of 5.5 hours with the UK. Thus my school begins at 2:30 pm ( 9:00 am GMT ).

I usually organise my day by dividing my time. Every day I have a different schedule of classes. Some days I have three or four classes and some days just two. Apart from the time spent studying in online classes, I divide my time between doing homework, taking breaks (for food and to play/nap/cook etc.) and for family time.

Depending upon the homework I receive during the day, since I prefer to do it the same day (or the same week if it is due next week). I make sure to take time to complete and submit it. In addition, if I am not very tired I also spend some time reading the chapters from the textbook that we learnt in class to understand the topic well. In between doing my homework or reading work, I take my breaks whenever I feel saturated with the work and I need a mental break. My dinner time is always reserved as family time. We all eat together and talk about our day, after which if I have any pending work, I go and complete it.

Usually during class when we are informed about assignments or homework I make sure that I write it on a post-it and stick it on the whiteboard right above my study table so that I have it written and I don't forget about it later. That way the work that is to be done is right in front of me and each time I finish something I take off the post-it. It is actually really fun to take them off the wall as it gives a certain happiness as I reduce the number of post-its on my board.

My classmates and I are connected via Whatsapp and that is how we communicate with each other on almost a daily basis. Many times we also have calls to ask about any doubts or questions on school stuff that either of us can answer or simply just to talk and get to know each other better.

My school teachers are very helpful, academically and personally. In general, I am very motivated to study and give my best in anything I take part in. I also have a very strong support system from my parents. I believe success comes with motivation and ambition, hence since I have such a great overall support system, I am ambitious and motivated to do well in my subjects. I am hoping success will follow too.

To conclude, some school days are long and some are short and sweet, but either way, so far I am enjoying my new student life.

That was all about my day studying virtually. I hope you enjoyed reading it.