Colleges in the UK for international students

04 July 2018
Bellerbys Brighton students at an alumni event

Studying in the UK as an international student can be a life-transforming experience - you will learn new things, meet new people, open up a wealth of career opportunities and develop a range of skills such as leadership and critical thinking. After deciding that the UK is where you want to study, you will have to make the crucial decision of what school or college you will want to attend to help you get into your desired university.

Which international school or college is right for me?

Schools and colleges in the UK for international students offer fantastic opportunities for you to prepare and achieve the requirements you need to access a UK university. There are a range of colleges and schools in the UK that are suited to international students, but the real challenge lies in choosing the right one for you.

There are a few things you will need to consider: What is your preferred programme of study? Do you want to be in or close to any major cities? Which university are you aiming to study at after college? What degree do you want to study?

With so many choices across the UK, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the perfect school or college from abroad. Luckily, Bellerbys College has two unique campuses in two famous UK cities, all offering a comprehensive education to prepare you for university and a successful future.

Why study at Bellerbys College?

Study an education tailor-made for you, surrounded by students from all over the world. You will experience and engage in a high-quality British education that is trusted by universities and focuses on international students.

At Bellerbys you will:

  • Gain a high-quality British education
  • Learn to value different opinions
  • Improve your English
  • Experience British culture.

What courses for international students does Bellerbys offer?

Bellerbys College has a range of courses including GCSE, A Level, Foundation, Undergraduate Year 1 and English Language Preparation Programmes. The courses on offer depend on the College location you choose.

Bellerbys College London

Study at a college in London for international students

If you are looking to study in England then Bellerbys College London could be the perfect choice for your international education. Kick-start your future in the UK’s capital - international students in London benefit from being in the heart of a global city where you will experience the British lifestyle while gaining a high-quality education in a multicultural environment.

Studying in London will give you access to a wealth of different industries across the city, including business, finance, media, creative and technology. Selected pathways on the Foundation programme include up to five offers of conditional progression. This includes three offers, exclusive to Bellerbys London students, from the University of Greenwich, Kingston University and the University of Westminster.

Why study at Bellerbys London?

  • Develop key career skills and start thinking about your career from day one.
  • London is home to prestigious international companies
  • Focused enrichment activities including visits to the London Stock Exchange and HM Treasury
  • Engage with global companies
  • Close to Central London

Bellerbys College Brighton

Study at a college in England with a city centre by the sea

As one of the most creative and diverse cities in the UK, Brighton makes a unique and rewarding option for international students looking to study in England. Bellerbys College Brighton is in the heart of this seaside city, which is great if you are looking to study in a vibrant environment. You will also be surrounded by international students with a range of enrichment and extracurricular activities on offer.

You can study almost any subject at Bellerbys Brighton and you will have access to top-of-the-range facilities including an extensive art studio, dark room, new learning centre and science labs. Thanks to the College’s fantastic location, you will be just a 20 minutes’ walk from the beach and also be able to take full advantage of a city centre lifestyle within a supportive environment.

Why study at Bellerbys Brighton?

  • State-of-the-art campus with great accommodation options
  • Wide selection of subjects
  • City centre location by the sea
  • Broad range of structured enrichment activities
  • Access to sports facilities

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