Experience a scientific city with Bellerbys College Cambridge

Posted 20 September 2017
International students at Bellerbys College Cambridge cane explore the city through science activities

Cambridge is historically known as a city of science. The city is a great place for future scientists to continue their education outside of the classroom in a place that inspires them. We’ve picked out just a few of our favourite things to do in this scientific city.

Cambridge Science Festival

Science is so important to Cambridge life, they have a whole festival dedicated to it. For two weeks every year, the city hosts hundreds of events focussing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. You can attend talks, watch demonstrations or even take part in debates.

University of Cambridge

One of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Cambridge is famous for many things – including its reputation for science. Alongside its many beautiful buildings, you can visit the Mathematical Bridge, which is named for its intricate structure that allows it to be self-supporting.

Newton’s Apple Tree

Every great scientist needs some inspiration, and Newton supposedly found his under an apple tree in Cambridge. This tree is a descendant of the tree that helped Newton form his theory of gravity. Maybe it’s where you’ll find inspiration too?

To see what our students think of living in such a scientific city, watch our video of Chumphot talking about his visit to the Cambridge Science Festival.

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