10 top reasons to study in Cambridge

Posted 17 April 2017
Cambridge river punting

Why study in Cambridge? 

There is plenty for international students to do in Cambridge. Here are my top ten reasons why you should come and study at Bellerbys Cambridge.

1  Cambridge is especially student friendly

Home to the famous University of Cambridge, the city has welcomed international students for centuries and it's has one of the  most beautiful and peaceful places to study in Europe. You’re bound to meet different types of people in Cambridge and hence make many new friends.

2  Music is a huge reason to come to Cambridge

It may not be the home town of Beyoncé or Rihanna but here in Cambridge you get to enjoy regular live performances from internationally renowned artists and orchestras. Finding gigs and concerts will not be a problem, but trying to choose which to go to from the variety available might be. 

3  The beautiful  River Cam

If you’re a nature lover, Cambridge is the place for you. The beautiful  River Cam is the best place for punting in the whole of Europe. You can cruise along the famous river in a special boat called a punt, and take in the lovely natural scenery and ancient architecture as you sail through the town and countryside. 

4  Arts and culture is free to enjoy

The world famous Fitzwilliam museum, with its collection of sculpture, art and ancient antiques dating back to even the pre-historic era, is free to enter. And Cambridge has many art galleries that are filled with contemporary and renaissance artworksSo if art and culture inspires you there's plenty to see here without having to spend lots of money.

5  History is all around you

Cambridge is the home many famous historic buildings including the beautiful Kings College Chapel that took over a century to build and dates back to 1446, in the era of King Henry VI.  The chapel has one of the most beautiful choirs in Europe which the BBC broadcasts every Christmas Eve in the festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. You can only imagine what impressive event that is.

6  Plenty of drama

Cambridge has plenty of theatres which put on many performances of modern and classic drama, student theatre and Broadway shows! You could also join an amateur theatre group if you want to be a real world Glee star!

7  It's friendly and safe 

Cambridge is one of the safest places to live in Britain and very family friendly. You could choose to stay on and start a family here or even convince your family to move here along with you.

8  Great value for money

The cost of living in Cambridge is lower than a big city such as London or Birmingham. I figure everyone wants to save some money don’t they? 

9  The shopping

Cambridge has plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and leisure centres. 

10  Close to London 

Finally, when you want a break from Cambridge student life you can jump on a train and be London in just under an hour for a taste the buzzing capital city.  

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