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  • Bellerbys students in a class

    What to expect on your first day at Bellerbys College

    Posted 01 May 2017

    Whether you’re studying in Brighton, Cambridge or London here are some top tips on what to expect when you arrive at Bellerbys College to begin your course in September.


  • A Bellerbys star student

    What to do when you first arrive in the UK

    Posted 12 April 2017

    Moving to a new country to live and study is never easy. What you need is an arrival guide. This post covers the most top tasks for your To-Do list that every new international student should get done in your first few days in the UK. 


  • A Bellerbys student in his accommodation

    Are you joining Bellerbys in September?

    Posted 03 April 2017

    Here are some top tips to help you get ready for your exciting move to the UK. 


  • Bellerbys Cambridge students talking to Academic Director Isaac Ayamba

    What to expect on your first day in college

    Posted 09 March 2017

    Everyone’s first day will obviously be a little bit different and everyone wonders what to do on their first day of college. I hope I will make waiting for your own first day at college a little bit less stressful by sharing with you what my own first day was like, and showing you that it was not a bad experience at all - quite the opposite, actually.


  • A student packing

    Study abroad: What to pack

    Posted 07 March 2017

    I still vividly remember the frenzied period right before my first arrival in London. My family and I spent every waking hour trying to figure out what I would need to pack for my journey to study at Bellerbys College in the UK.  Now, after four years of moving with my life packed in two suitcases and one backpack, I present the ultimate packing list for students travelling to study in the UK.


  • Induction day at Bellerbys

    Induction programmes for international students

    Posted 01 March 2017

    The Bellerbys student induction programmes are designed to make sure that newly-arrived and progressing international students are given all the information you will need for a successful school year. They are an essential part of your student orientation and should not be missed.




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