Career benefits of studying abroad

19 November 2020
Students in a college classroom

Studying abroad not only offers a number of educational and personal advantages but it also benefits your career – providing you with skills and opportunities to develop your future employment in the direction you want. From building your confidence to improving your communication skills, read on to discover the career benefits of studying abroad.

Increase your connections

Studying abroad means you'll be surrounded by international students. Classmates, friends and acquaintances all present the opportunity to make lifelong connections. In an international environment, you can meet students from around the world, meaning you can create a global network of contacts.

A global contact base can provide a number of benefits to your future career. You could end up working together, utilising each other’s unique skill sets or even partnering up and starting a business.

Develop your English language skills

Another major career advantage of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn a new language or two. It can be challenging to learn a new language but there’s no better place than somewhere where the language is native.

If you choose to study abroad in the UK, you'll be able to advance your English language skills better than you would in the classroom. You’ll be in an immersive environment, surrounded by the language. you'll communicate in new ways daily, from taking the bus and ordering a coffee to speaking with friends and socialising at school.

While classroom study can be rewarding, using a new language in real-world situations can really push your language skills to new highs. you'll be able to pick up colloquialisms, idioms and accents through conversations with native speakers.

Langauge skills are highly desirable by employers across the globe, especially if you can speak two or even three languages – even more so in ever–internationalising industries.

If you feel that you would like to develop your English language skills before starting your studies in the UK, you could study our English Language Preparation programme before moving on to one of our A Level, Foundation or International Year 1 programmes.

Hone your communication skills

Communication skills are one of the most sought after attributes for employers – even more so the ability to communicate across multiple language barriers. While studying abroad you will develop friendships and interact daily with people from different backgrounds and cultures – you'll be surrounded by an abundance of foreign languages and different language abilities.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate in a variety of different scenarios, learning how to converse with others of different backgrounds and overcoming multiple language barriers. You’ll also develop the ability to understand others – learning about the history, culture, food and people will give you a good cultural awareness which is key for international companies.

Studying abroad will let you experience a different approach to teaching, helping you to develop new ways to learn, to communicate and to network – adding to your future employability.

Boost your confidence

As well as the academic benefits, studying abroad is a great way to become more confident in a variety of situations. Confidence is key. The first bit of advice you will often be given before an interview is to be confident. Fortunately, studying abroad will give you learning experiences that will help boost your confidence and enhance your future career. You will be meeting new people and learning new things – all whilst being away from home.

During your time studying abroad you will have to overcome challenges, learn to thrive in new situations and adapt to the unexpected. Through these new experiences, such as learning to speak a foreign language and experiencing a new culture, you'll improve your self–reliance, resilience and adaptability which are highly desirable traits to employers.

Studying abroad will show employers that you had the confidence to study a degree in a foreign country, learn a new language and adapt to a new country and culture.

Students working on a presentation

Develop project management and problem–solving skills

Choosing to study abroad is an exciting challenge. You will need to quickly adapt to a new lifestyle and culture, get on top of your studies and at the same time, meet new people and learn a new language.

You will quickly develop project management skills, so you can effectively plan and organise your time – a skill that is valued by employers. From learning your class schedule to finding the time to study and do homework, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice these skills which are sure to help you in the future

You will also be exploring and embracing your new home. you'll be adapting to using public transport, new currency, mobile phone contracts and getting used to your coursework. This means you will develop the ability to think critically and plan logically, key aspects of project management.

Advance your career with Bellerbys College

Offering a wide range of courses to suit your career goals and interests, you can start your international career with Bellerbys College. Our courses are aimed at improving your English language, developing subject knowledge and building your confidence before starting an undergraduate degree at a UK university. Our expert academic team will help guide you through your studies and the university application process. From choosing the right university for you to writing your personal statement, we'll support you along the way. Studying in the UK will also give you access to the new Graduate Immigration Route, meaning you’ll be able to work in the UK after your graduation, gaining practical skills in the industry you're passionate about. You can find out more about postgraduate employment and career support here.