Art and design foundation courses near London

24 May 2017
Paint brushes

It is more important than ever for students to be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and experience to attract the attention of university admissions tutors.

Before you jump into the first foundation course you see on offer, it’s worth looking at the relationship the college has with universities. The best colleges, with a results driven, cutting edge approach to academic attainment,  have close working relationships with reputable institutions

Art and design foundation courses that will set you apart

Bellerbys College offers one of the best art and design foundation courses in London. Students of this exemplary and inspiring programme broaden their creative and artistic skills base in preparation for university. The intensive one-year foundation course builds practical and theoretical skills which are vital for entry to the top rated arts colleges and prestigious universities. , the options are varied.

Top art and design foundation courses in London offer the perfect base to begin your studies and fully prepare you for a university degree in art, design and arts-related subjects. Combined with English language and study skills, this individually tailored programme provides all the experience required for further study of art and design. Bellerbys has partnered with some of the top ranking British universities to help students progress to an Arts degree and other creative courses.

Art and Design course structure

Students aged 16 and a half years or over and can start the course in September or January with satisfactory completion of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent. The course is modular in structure.

There is an option of an extended foundation course incorporating English and three other academic modules in term one before progressing to the art and design foundation course. Studying the fundamentals of group and independent design, research, analysis, producing project work, film and photography and establishing a general process of visual, oral and written skills for presentation are just some of the core skills taught on the course. The intensive nature of the course, incorporating these modules, together with a superb choice of specialist disciplines, provides an unrivalled breadth of practical experience that will act as a solid base for your future career.