Social activities at Bellerbys College in London

03 April 2017
Students at Bellerbys London participate in dance club

Social activities at Bellerbys London 

There is a huge choice of extra-curricular activities at Bellerbys College London. As well being a great way to socialise and relax after a hard day's study, they can help you consolidate your knowledge and skills too, which is especially useful for your UCAS university applications.

Discussion clubs

Education-based groups like the Business and Economics Club meet each week to hear speakers give a talk about Business or Economics related topics. I attend this club myself and I find it extremely interesting as we cover topics outside the subject syllabus.

A bonus of the Politics Club is the opportunity to attend talks given at top universities such as LSE (London School of Economics and Political Sciences).

At the weekly Debate Societystudents meet discuss the case for and against many different topics. I consider this club extremely useful because you can improve your communication skills and boost your confidence, which will help you thrive in oral presentations and university admissions interviews.

Study groups

The Science Club was created by students to develop a deeper understanding of science-related topics. It is especially if you plan to study medicine at university.

If you want to learn another language there are extra-curricular French and Spanish classes too. You can take the subject exam if you want to, and get an extra A level.


On the social side we have weekly DJ workshops, which are very enjoyable and great fun. If you attend these workshops on a weekly basis you can DJ at events like "Bellerbys Got Talent".

And our Music Club a great way to mingle and relax while playing and listening to new music.

Film and photography

If you want to learn how to take better photos (not just selfies!) the Photography Club will help you develop your camera skills and creative eye. 

Every week the Film Club and the Documentary Club show a diverse selection of movies and documentaries that you can watch and discuss after the film.

Sports and leisure

We all know studying can be stressful, so relax and unwind in the weekly Yoga classes.

If you want burn-off some energy, Basketball, badminton or football practice will help you work up a sweat.


Natural organisers who want to help a good cause will want to join the Charity Committee, which runs events to raise money for the college charity, Building Futures.

Writers can join the Newsletter Committee and help produce the termly newsletter that reports on college news and events.

And if you enjoy party-planning, the Graduation Ball Committee organises the end of year celebrations and annual yearbook.

Social programme

 As well as all these clubs and societies, every week there is a different Social Programme.  

All of these activities enrich and consolidate our knowledge and skills as well as being great fun and a chance to socialise with friends old and new.


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