10 drawbacks about London that are actually good things

02 March 2017
The London Eye

Studying in London 

If you're thinking about studying in London, or a similar big city, you’re probably fed-up with hearing about the usual reasons and cannot decide if living in London will be awesome, or mayhem.

I’m not going to say the usual stuff, I know you’ll just press the previous page button up there.  I’m going to tell you why all those 'drawbacks' are reasons why you should study in London.

1. Busy traffic… it’s actually what you want!

You might have heard people moaning about London’s busy traffic, but that’s the point isn’t it? The traffic is a by-product of all the transport options available to you when you live in London. Of course whereabouts you live has a great impact on the size of this ‘problem’, but London is a very large city and it’s not possible to walk everywhere.  London is great, it’s fun and there’s lots to do, and it’s a great thing that it’s so easy to get from one part to another, to a bowling centre, to a museum, and so on.!

2. High living cost… for a good reason

You may be surprised at how expensive it is to live in the UK, especially in “university cities” where everything is expensive because there are lots of students. In London, the pricing is inevitable but the value of the goods is certainly better in my experience. Also, you get a lot of choice, you can can pay less for lower quality brands.

3. Huge city… that means you’re close to many universities

Imperial College London, University College London, Kingston University and more. There are lots of universities in London - very different ones as well. Getting into your ideal university is, without doubt, one of the biggest aims as a student. As well as the teaching quality of a university, the style is a huge factor in your decision. In London, it’s easy to take a look at the different universities. Also, they sometimes join together for events and if you live there, you’re in the perfect place to experience them.

4. Retail competition… means you can get a bargain

Yes, as I said before, living in the UK is expensive, for sure. However in such a rich retailing city, competition is very tough. How do businesses counteract that? Dropping prices - either for promotions or permanently. Also with so many small businesses, finding a bargain is certainly not as tough as it is in many other cities with lots of chain stores.

5. Distractions… helps you visualise what you’ve learned

I’ve heard many people say that living in London (or any city) will distract you, because of the amount of activities available, such as shopping. Enthusiastic learners, and business students should realise that everything ends up with enterprise and business. In London you can see a wide variety of business decisions and activities. Believe me, being able to see what you’ve learned in action is a great feeling and aids your academic education too. This is not exclusively for business students, business is related to literally all kinds of subjects, the only question is, are you be willing to see it?

6. Close to the airport… so you can go to other cities easily

Look carefully, I said cities, not countries. Certainly if you’re rich enough you can go to many other countries easily but not a lot of students can or would do that. The airports are one of the easiest ways to get to other cities because of their flights to all directions, including Manchester, Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh.

7. Less greenery (for some of us)… that’s why friends go out with you

Nature conservation and green environments can be said to be rare in London in comparison to other cities (bear in mind London has a huge number of parks) . However, green lovers will not stop going to parks and so on for a jog or a picnic. In fact, if it is difficult for you to find more of those places in London, ask someone to go with you, just because of how "rare" it is. 

8. Crowded place… to keep you safe

This is kind of obvious, Britain is one of the safest places but that doesn’t mean it’s crime free. It’s common sense that there will still be crime, but there’s safety in numbers.  With a population of over 8 million, you’re always near a busy place and a police presence.

9. Political centre… keeps you up to date

There are people who really hate politics. But think about it, how embarrassing would it be if someone you respect asked you about something and you couldn’t even think of one sentence to say? By the way, the great thing is you don’t have to do anything, you’ll just see and hear about it all around you in London.

10. Corporate world… gives you more opportunities

Yes, London is a great corporate world, again something that some people dislike. However, you never know when an opportunity will come your way, maybe there’ll be an open corporate event that you can attend. There are no limits to the possibilities, so when these opportunities come, why not have a go?

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