One year courses to get to university

23 February 2017
Students in an english class

University pathway courses

If you want to get into a prestigious UK university, chances are you already know difficult it is to gain a place. Whether you want to study Medicine, Music, Maths, or IT, you'll be competing with many other students for a coveted place.

The traditional route to university entry is to take three or more A levels. The internationally-recognised qualification covers all the key subjects and has been a part of the British education system for well over sixty years. However, there are other British qualifications that are equally respected and, even better, can get you into university as much as a year earlier than other students who follow the A level route.

Foundation and focus

Foundation courses are intensive, one-year programmes that focus on a specific area of study. They provide the type of theoretical and practical skills that university admission tutors want to see, and give you with a head start. Of course, like any qualification, its value is only as good as the reputation of the institution you earned it from. It’s important to choose an international school that Universities respect because of its reputation for excellence and track-record of fielding strong candidates.

Bellerbys Colleges have strong relationships with prestigious UK universities, including 24 of the top 30 ranked universities in the Times Good University rankings 2013. They appreciate the rigour with which we teach our students and understand that Bellerbys students have the skills, ability and ambition to succeed.  This means that our students have a much higher chance of being admitted to top ranking UK universities than students from other UK schools.

A bright future

When you’re looking at one-year courses to get to university, you need check that the international school not only has a reputation for excellence, but also has the results to back it up.

Our foundation course programme is the definitive example of one-year courses to get to university. Our students have gone on to enjoy illustrious careers in fields as diverse as medicine, law, chemistry, engineering, and design – to name but a few. The Bellerbys foundation course is ideal if you’re aged over sixteen and a half years old and are willing to study hard on an intensive course. With a choice of eight academic programmes and a number of specialist options available, our courses are ideal for those students who already know what they want to study at university.

Safety and security

Our modern and comfortable campuses in Brighton, Cambridge or London are the ideal bases for your studies in the UK.

Each Bellerbys college is equipped with IT suites, libraries, art studios, modern classrooms and the very latest in educational technology. Our campuses make the experience of studying in the UK enjoyable as well as effective. By choosing a college that takes care of every detail, you can get down to concentrating on your chosen programme without having to worry about problems like unscrupulous landlords or personal safety.

At Bellerbys, we make sure that our students are given the very best start for a bright and outstanding future. Find your course now