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  • Bellerbys College is a great place to start your journey to a career in medicine in the UK.

    A career in medicine for international students

    Posted 17 October 2017

    Studying Medicine in the UK allows you to learn more about the subject in some of the world's top universities.


  • International students at Bellerbys College Cambridge cane explore the city through science activities

    Experience a scientific city with Bellerbys College Cambridge

    Posted 20 September 2017

    Bellerbys College Cambridge is a great place to study if you want an excellent British education. But what about your time outside of the classroom? What is college life like in Cambridge?


  • International students studying at Bellerbys College London can explore the city and see sites such as the London skyline.

    Explore London through food and festivities

    Posted 06 September 2017

    Living in London as a student gives you the perfect chance to spend time exploring its international cafés, restaurants and festivals. We’ve listed just a few ideas to start you off.


  • The architecture project of an international Art and Design Foundation student at Bellerbys College in Brighton

    A career in architecture

    Posted 18 August 2017

    Studying Architecture combines the arts and sciences into one interesting degree. As well as being an architect, a degree in architecture can open doors to many other exciting careers.


  • London skyline

    Why study business in London?

    Posted 22 May 2017

    Learn about the benefits of studying a Business foundation course at Bellerbys College London and why London – the main centre of business in the UK –  is the best place to start your business career.


  • Bellerbys IELTS students in class

    Study in the United Kingdom without IELTS

    Posted 16 May 2017

    There are many different paths you can follow if you want to study in the UK. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most common test that international students take to prove their language level in order to be accepted on to courses in the UK. However, it is not the only language test you can take to get a visa to study in the UK.


  • Bellerbys alumni Ahmed

    Where are they now? Alumni stories

    Posted 15 May 2017

    A past Bellerbys Foundation student talks about his experience at Bellerbys College Brighton and what he did next when he went on to study at King's College London.


  • Bellerbys students in a science class

    What is a pre university course?

    Posted 15 May 2017

    Every year admissions to UK universities become more competitive. With a wide number of students from all over the globe competing for a place, it’s never been more important to ensure you have the requisite skills and grades to enable you to pursue the career you want at the university you’ve chosen. Get your UK university journey off to the best possible start with a pre-university course.


  • Students at Bellerbys Cambridge

    What to wear

    Posted 10 May 2017

    While it doesn't matter at all to some people, for others choosing the right thing to wear in a new country is one of their biggest concerns. In this blog I'll guide you through the decisions you need to consider when packing clothes for your study trip to the UK.


  • An international student in the library

    What gives international students the competitive edge?

    Posted 03 May 2017

    Why study abroad? In my opinion the most important reason is the competitive edge that international students gain by travelling to a new country. International study at Bellerbys Colleges in the UK is an attractive addition to CVs that helps graduates stand out from the crowd. These are several reasons why international students are so attractive to future employers.