Student care

Student care

We provide a caring and supportive learning environment to ensure you have everything you need for a happy, healthy life. Student care includes: counselling, advice on visa queries, such as extension or visiting a third country, access to international phone cards, guidance on medical and dental registration, first aid, Student Services assistants, finance, student welfare, residential supervisors and language advisors.

At Bellerbys you will develop life skills to enable you to become a successful global citizen. Every year we see our students grow in confidence and gain outstanding academic results. You will establish international friendships that will last a lifetime. 

  • If you’re under 18
    Our enrichment programme is an integral part of the confidence building experience we offer. We develop your confidence, independent thinking and personal skills. These are the skills that top universities and leading employers look for.
  • Day to day support
    We will provide all the support you need during your studies. A Bellerbys education is tailored to you, so you'll receive personal attention from tutors, help with your English and even extra classes if needed. You'll also get regular homework assignments and half-term reports to ensure you are on track to succeed.
  • Experienced staff
    Our Student Experience Team are accustomed to caring for international students to ensure that every student is happy in their accommodation.
  • Expert counselling
    You’ll receive expert advice on your university applications. You’ll receive help and advice for each stage of the university application process, from interview techniques to how to write your personal statement.
  • Small classes
    You’ll find our class sizes are small, with around 8 to 12 students per class. This helps teachers connect with students as individuals. We offer university style lecturing wherever possible. You will develop self-study skills and independent thought.
  • Welfare and counselling
    You’ll have access to a variety of counsellors to help with any problems you might have. We have a student counsellor in the College available to talk about day-to-day problems, as well as language advisors who can help with cultural problems. If you need to talk to someone outside of the school, we can put you in contact with an external counsellor.

Kymbat from Kazakhstan

Bellerbys Cambridge Star Student Kymbat

"Being far from home is hard for everyone. I think that to study in an international college is the least stressful way of adjusting to a new place and people. The staff in the college pay attention to every student, so parents can be sure that nothing will happen to their child."

Kymbat from Kazakhstan - Studied Science & Pharmacy Foundation and achieved 78%, now studying Chemistry with a Year in Industry/Research at Queen Mary, University of London

Student Charter

At Bellerbys College we promise to help you every step of the way on your journey from arrival until you progress to university.

What to expect from us

What we expect from you

Your arrival

Your arrival

Our friendly staff will help you settle in and make new friends from the minute you arrive.

We will provide a comprehensive induction programme in the first few days of term.

Arrive on the first day of term for our induction programme, to make friends and settle in before your classes start.

Always speak English in college to maximise your learning experience.

Respect all staff and fellow students.

Abide by the laws within the UK; behave appropriately to maintain yourself and others' safety.

Your wellbeing

Your wellbeing

We will do everything we can to ensure you are happy, safe and well.

Speak to any of our staff if you are worried about anything as soon as possible and we will help you.

Your education

Your education

We will help ensure you choose the right course before you begin.

You can expect to learn from expert tutors, specialists in teaching international students, in modern learning environments.

We will prepare you for life at university.

Participate in your classes to improve your understanding; take part in our additional enrichment classes and lectures to help with your university application.

Arrive in good time and attend all of your lessons, tell us in advance if you are unable to attend.

Complete your homework on time; ask us if you have any problems.

Your next step

Your next step

Our links with universities enable us to provide invaluable guidance on achieving your goals.

We will help you choose the best university for you.

Tell us which university and degree programme you confirm and attend.

Your future

Your future

The Bellerbys College LinkedIn alumni group gives you access to successful former students all over the world.

Keep in touch with Bellerbys College via LinkedIn and let us know how you progress on your degree programme and future career.

Safety and security


Our colleges are located in safe and secure communities in welcoming, multicultural cities.
All of these cities have large student populations, so you'll soon settle in and feel at home when you arrive in the UK.

Our alumni


Many of our students have gone on to work for some of the most successful companies in the world, including Google and Goldman Sachs. Read or watch their stories to discover how studying with Bellerbys prepared them for career success after university.