Safety and security

Safety and security

Our Colleges are located in safe and secure communities in welcoming, multicultural cities. All of these cities have large student populations, so you'll soon settle in and feel at home when you arrive in the UK.

We're committed to keeping you safe

All of our staff are committed to ensuring you are safe and happy while studying with us. We have worked with international students for many years, so we know exactly what issues may worry you while you're studying overseas.

We ensure the safety of all students in a number of different ways:

  • Our Colleges both have security staff and require photo-card access
  • When you arrive you'll be given a telephone number you can call at any time for support
  • We follow legal legislation about child protection and safety
  • We are committed to your welfare and have expert staff who can offer support on any issue
  • We care for you on an individual level both academically and emotionally
  • We offer weekly meetings with both academic and support services. These focus upon you as an individual student and are a good opportunity to resolve concerns or scope for additional recognition
  • Each of our Colleges are inspected by independent assessors in the UK known as Ofsted and ISI to ensure they are performing to the national guidelines for schools. See our reports
  • Our safeguarding policies ensure contact with the police and social services if required. Every member of staff receives safeguarding training
  • All staff are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service looking for criminal records) checked; without this approval staff will not be allowed any access in the college without supervision.

Staff and college support

  • All staff, through regular training, share the responsibility to protect students from harm
  • Each College has policies and procedures embedded and regularly reviewed to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all our students
  • All staff are trained to be aware of the means in which they can raise concerns or report issues relating to safeguarding and welfare
  • Our Colleges have each appointed a ‘designated safeguarding lead’ who has responsibility to provide support to staff members who carry out safeguarding duties and who will liaise closely with other external services
  • Our Colleges use homestays who are personally vetted by Bellerbys staff and who have undergone DBS checks
  • All staff are recruited strictly in line with guidance issued by the Department for Education
  • Both Colleges provide a nursing service to support students health and medical needs
  • The College provides 24/7 support for all students CCTV cameras are also installed in halls of residence and in schools
  • The College provides a safe and friendly learning environment compliant with UK Health and Safety legislation
  • The College will provide risk-assessed activities and enrichment programmes.

Control and curfews

Curfews are in place across both Colleges, depending on your age and whether it is weekday or weekend. We allow you as students enough space and freedom to nurture personal and academic growth. Homestays have variable curfews in place and your parents or guardians can communicate their preferences directly with your host family.

Student care

Bellerbys students in the classroom at the College

The caring and supportive learning environment at Bellerbys will help you develop essential life skills. So you can become a successful global citizen. Every year we see our students grow in confidence and gain outstanding academic results. You'll make international friendships that will last a lifetime.

Learning and teaching style

Students in a classroom

Bellerbys students get great exam results. You'll learn from teachers with experience in teaching international students, just like you. Even the activities you do outside of the classroom are designed to help you get into the university of your choice. Caring support staff are available to help you feel safe, secure and happy at Bellerbys.