Learning styles and teaching strategies

Learn from the experts

The high-quality British education you'll receive at Bellerbys will help you thrive at your chosen university. Every Bellerbys student gets the support of a dedicated personal tutor. You'll learn from excellent teachers, chosen for their experience in teaching international students. Extended teaching time and ongoing, individual assessment will help you get great results. Even the activities you do outside of the classroom are designed to help you get to where you want to be in life. At Bellerbys your education is tailor made for you.

Learn from excellent teachers, chosen for their experience in teaching international students just like you

Teachers that understand you

Our expert teachers might ask you to investigate new topics in your own language. They do this to make sure you really understand. Everything we do is focussed on helping you to progress.

Technology in the classroom

Bellerbys practices blended learning, using online resources to supplement our lessons. ELearning gives students access to materials before their lessons, so class time can be reserved for discussion and debate. Students have access to a Virtual Learning Environment, a web-based learning platform for submitting homework, online testing and tracking progress. Bellerbys encourages students to take control of their learning experience.


of our students
went on to a top 10 university
between 2015 and 2019

International environment

Bellerbys London Star Student Tiffany Lo Wing Man

A truly international environment – with 64 nationalities represented in our colleges.

Enrichment programmes


Enrichment programmes linked to your academic subjects help you develop skills valued by universities.

Help to improve your English


Help with improving your English language skills while you experience life in the UK.

Safe and secure environment


A place to feel safe and secure – with 24-hour security at our residences.

Informal and friendly atmosphere


Informal, friendly Colleges with caring staff and language advisors ready to help you.

Help to do the little things


Help with the little things – like using local transport and finding out about living in the UK.

Shajaniey from Malaysia

Bellerbys London Star Student Shajaniey VIJEYA KUMAR

"Support from the teachers here is just so amazing. I have met teachers that have inspired me in so many ways and taught me new lessons which I will take with me through my journey in life."

Shajaniey from Malaysia - Studied International Year 1 in Business and Management and achieved 74%. Now studying Accounting and Finance at University of Sussex