Social responsibility

Building Futures

UK universities look for students with a passion for their subject and social interests. By taking part in events outside of your studies you can build on your existing skills.  You can also develop new interests to increase your chances of getting a place at a great UK university.

Student development

Building Futures is a charity founded by our parent company, Study Group. With the help of students, it supports communities in developing regions. The projects provide educational materials and resources. Since 2005, our fundraising has helped nine communities worldwide. We encourage our students to get involved with fundraising. Activities have included sponsored walks, fancy dress days, concerts, football tournaments and cake sales.

Building Futures has raised over £800,000 for projects since 2005.

Our projects

Our first project begin in Indonesia in 2005. Since then we have fundraised for a number of communities around the world, contributing to the delivery of facilities such as new classrooms, a principal's office and a storeroom for children to use. The money we raised has also helped to train teachers and improve the standard of teaching in over 66 villages. By supporting our work with Building Futures, you are helping students like you all over the world to access a better education.


A young girl in Bangladesh

Each year, schools in Bangladesh close due to flooding, disrupting the education of thousands of children. By improving the infrastructure, we will be able to help schoolchildren continue their studies and improve graduation rates.


School children in a classroom in Nepal

Our Nepal project was focused on rebuilding schools in the country that were damaged in the 2015 earthquakes. The money raised was used to rebuild classrooms with more resilient materials, as well as creating more access to clean drinking water.

Sri Lanka 

Children in Sri Lanka

We raised money to build a new primary school, improve water access and deliver teacher training in Anuradhapura. This project has helped an estimated 413 boys and girls. These children in Northern Sri Lanka can now get an education.


School children in Pakistan

Our work in Pakistan focused on creating a child-friendly environment for school children. We supported more than 4,000 children across 14 primary schools by constructing classrooms and improving water facilities.



Building Futures funded two school buildings in Cambodia. The buildings serve two different villages. They have classrooms, a toilet block, an outdoor play area and new teaching equipment. Vegetables are grown in the school grounds, for the children to eat.



Staff and students raised $165,000 to support girls’ access to education. The money was used to help promote a safe, clean, friendly and stimulating environment, so female students can study free from threats and gender-based violence and bullying.



Van Han Lower Secondary School can now accommodate more than 500 children from the surrounding villages. This project helped raise the quality of education. Classrooms were renovated and extended, and outdoor space was improved too.


Building Futures China classroom

Xiao Feng Primary School was in need of a safe and hygienic environment for its pupils. Our Building Futures project helped to rebuild the damaged school. It now has 12 classrooms, a kitchen, a dormitory, eight latrines, furniture and sports equipment.



Building Futures raised £30,463 to help improve the Rozalina Zaidan School in Codó Nova, Brazil. We helped to build four new classrooms and a computer room for the school.


A classroom in Benin

Our Benin project aimed to provide a better education for boys and girls in the country. Thanks to our fundraising, we successfully constructed a new block of classrooms, a library and provided teacher training.


School children in Indonesia

For our first project in Indonesia, we fully funded Building Futures' first project to rebuild a school destroyed in an earthquake. We funded the creation of six classrooms, an office and two bathrooms.

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