Bellerbys College aims

Here at Bellerbys, each of our Colleges are committed to supporting you throughout your education in the UK. With their own unique settings, our three Colleges have individual approaches to international education. Our principals have outlined their distinct aims to ensure that every student gets the best possible experience during their time with us.

Brighton - Our Aims


Based in a vibrant city by the sea, Bellerbys Brighton is a truly international college, welcoming students from across the world. Offering a great range of opportunities, our friendly and supportive College presents the perfect springboard for you to explore your interests and potential. Our students achieve excellent exam results enabling them to progress, with the skills they need, to their universities of choice. We are incredibly proud of the successes of our former students who thrive at university and in their future careers.

Cambridge - Our Aims


At Bellerbys Cambridge, we challenge you to take responsibility for your learning, embrace challenges, identify personal goals and realise your potential as we work together within a supportive, enjoyable and friendly environment. Our dedicated faculty are committed to creating a College that promotes happiness, encourages growth and builds resilience. Within an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding, members of our international college value diversity and the opportunity to learn from each other.

London - Our Aims


Bellerbys London aims to transform students into confident, independent, resilient young people giving them the opportunity to ambitiously prepare for the next stage of their lives. Based within a supportive, safe and hospitable environment, our team are committed to providing students with everything they need to progress to the future of their choice. As we are situated in London, the UK’s capital and largest city, our priority is ensuring student well-being and comfort, while promoting opportunities to study a huge selection of pathways.

Our history

Cambridge college grounds

Bellerbys College has been preparing international students to start their university adventures abroad for more than 60 years in our three locations across Brighton, Cambridge and London.