Where are the best places to study in the United Kingdom?

28 February 2017
Bellerbys students in Brighton

Where should I study in the UK? 

Studying in the UK is probably one of the best decisions of a lifetime. Picking a university from the variety available in the UK depends on a lot of factors. You should research the choices available to decide which universities will suit you best.

Why should I go to a UK university?  

The UK’s education system is well respected around the world and the entire country is generally student-friendly. To enter the university of your choice you will need apply through the UCAS system and satisfy the university’s entry requirements, including completing A levels or a Foundation course, writing a compelling personal statement and impressing at interview.  

Some universities are a lot more popular than others and there might be a lot of competition for a place on the course you want to study. Bellerbys is one of the UK’s leading international colleges with a track-record of helping students to successfully apply for a university place, with all support you need to get the best A level grades and prepare for university interviews.  

What UK universities should I go to?  

Choosing the “best place” to study in the UK will differ from person to person.   

Many international students want to study at the most prestigious UK universities. For this reason, Oxford and Cambridge are often the top choice and competition can be fierce. But depending on what you want to study, other universities might be a better choice for you. Your career choice should come first.  

Another important factor is location. Some people prefer to study on a big campus and in a busy city, while others may prefer the peace and quiet of a small town.   You can find out about university class size, teaching methods and success rates from university league tables.

At Bellerbys, we will ensure you find the best university for your ambitions and interests, and get the best university preparation for you. Discover more about the specialist university preparation provided in our Colleges.