10 reasons to study in Brighton

08 March 2017
Brighton pier

Why choose Brighton? 

When deciding to come study in the UK, I knew I wanted to live by the sea. I also knew that I wanted a compromise between the liveliness of a big city and the close feeling of a small town where you can walk around and always run into someone you know. Brighton offers all that, and much more.

In 2016 Brighton was ranked number six in Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice 'Top Destinations on the Rise'. Travellers considered Brighton to be vibrant, exciting and a ‘hip’ place to live with its multi-cultural food, drink and fashion. 

So it's official Brighton is one of the best cities in the world to study and live in! Here are my top ten reasons to study in Brighton.

1. Bellerbys College Brighton

Bellerbys College in Brighton is the perfect size. It’s just big enough so that you do not feel claustrophobic, but small enough so that when you walk around you always see someone you can say hi to. The building is new and state-of-the-art, very beautifully designed, making me feel happy every day when I enter the foyer. Brighton is Bellerbys' biggest centre Brighton and it therefore has a vast variety of people studying different subjects, coming from countries all round the world, all here for you to meet and hang out with. It is the perfect college for international students.

2. Food

Brighton is well known for having great choice of good food in all price ranges. There are restaurants all over the city, and all kinds of them! Do you like Chinese, Thai, Italian, Persian, or any other kinds of cuisine? Brighton is also very well known for having lots of vegan and vegetarian places to eat. There is something for everyone in Brighton. 

3. The Marina

If you want to go for a nice walk, or go on a bit of a shopping spree, the Marina is the place to go. It is lovely to walk around the quay looking at the yachts, through the streets and bustling squares, catch a movie at the cinema, or to just stop for a nice meal in one of the many restaurants.

4. North Laine and The Lanes

Here’s something for all of you who love shopping in Brighton. You will absolutely fall in love with North Laine and The Lanes, I can assure you. Yes, you can always go into the big shopping centre in Churchill Square. But why would you? When just a couple of steps away there are tons of lovely independent shops in amazing little streets that are so unique to the Brighton experience. Even if you are not that big on shopping, North Laine and The Lanes are always nice to walk around when you need some time to think or just fresh air.

5. A student city

Brighton is a university and a college city. There are two universities in Brighton, the University of Sussex and Brighton University, and there are many different music and art colleges too. That means that there are plenty of people your age around, and that the city has a young and energetic vibe to it. Brighton is also very well prepared for students like you, with lots and lots of cafes and other nice places where you can go to study, or hang-out with your new friends.

6. The Royal Pavilion

Brighton is also home to a very special building - the Royal Pavilion. This 18th century building was once a Royal palace. It is nice to pass by such an unusual sight every day on your way to school. The Royal Pavilion is also a very big tourist attraction and something exciting you can show your friends or family when they come to visit you. And you absolutely must see the inside too - it is very impressive!

7. Proximity to London

 Brighton is nicknamed “London by the sea” because it is very close to London. When you feel like a change of scene at the weekend, going to London from Brighton couldn’t be easier. The train takes about 50 minutes and is not very expensive - and Bellerbys college is RIGHT next to the train station!

8. International community

Brighton has a very diverse population. People of different cultures come to Brighton to study, work, and visit. This makes studying in Brighton a truly unique experience, allowing you to meet people from all over the world, share your stories, and your culture. You will never feel lonely or bored in this vibrant international city!

9. Perfectly balanced city  

As a city, Brighton is not particularly big (Brighton and Hove joined together in 1997), but it is not very small either. It is a perfectly balanced plenty of peaceful spaces for people to relax (the beach being one them). But at the same time it has enough of that “big city” vibe, where there is a lot of places to do, such as cinemas, cafes, shopping malls, and so on. And plenty of festivals and events all year round, like the Brighton Festival and Fringe, which is almost as big as the famous Edinburgh Festival. The public transport in Brighton and Hove is also very good and it is very easy to transition between the big city feel of central Brighton and the calmer feel of its more suburban areas.

10. The sea and the Pier

The number one reason for many people to live and study in Brighton is the sea. It gives you an immense sense of freedom and happiness when you sit on the beach, listen to the waves and to the wind, and just relax. The beach is also very nice as it is covered in small pebbles, which makes it less messy to walk on than your usual sandy beaches. A very famous place to visit is, of course, Brighton Pier. There is all sorts of fun you can have there - playing arcade games, Dance-Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero - basically any fun game that comes to your mind, you can play it at the Pier. And you must try the classic Fish & Chips on the pier, but beware of the cheeky seagulls, they are eager to get a taste of your food!

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