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Management & Computing Systems Foundation Preparation for IT-related degrees

IT students in Class

Bellerbys Brighton is our specialist centre for management and computing systems, providing a modern learning environment featuring the latest technology. 

The coastal city of Brighton is home to two popular UK universities. A charming English seafront, quaint streets and a thriving creative arts scene make Brighton an inspiring place to live and study. London, the UK's political and financial epicentre, is less than an hour away by train. 

Achieve the best of both worlds at Bellerbys Brighton, striking a perfect balance between education and recreation.

The Bellerbys Management & Computing Systems Foundation course is ideal for students wishing to go on to study Computer Science, Software Engineering or IT related courses at university. The programme includes units in web design, programming and business as well as the core foundation modules.

IT Management Foundation Course

On successful completion of the Management & Computing Systems Foundation programme you are guaranteed a place at one of our partner universities. See the progression tab for possible progression routes.

Key facts…

  • Age: Students are normally 16.5 or over
  • Course length: 3 terms
  • Start dates: September, November and January - see term dates
  • Entry requirements: Satisfactory completion of secondary or high school and IELTS 4.5 or equivalent
  • Fees: Please visit our Fees page to calculate your fees

Management & Computing Systems Foundation students spend 18-25 hours per week in class. The course is modular in structure and consists of core modules studied by all Foundation students and modules tailored for Management & Computing Systems students.

Core modules

Foundation English Skills 1

The ability to read academic texts, write extended texts, write subjective notes, listen interactively in class and participate in classroom discourse.

Foundation English Skills 2

Improving all the abilities in Foundation English Skills 1 with greater accuracy, speed, cohesion, organisation and presentation and are prepared for an IELTS qualification at the end of the module.

Study Skills in the British Environment

Using your study time more effectively, improve your use of and range of information sources and prepare comprehensive essays in your own time to given deadlines.

Computer Information Technology

Improving IT literacy and creativity using Office, Business and Media applications; using the internet as a research tool.

Management & Computing Systems modules

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to the principles and conventions of procedural programming and also aspects of Object Oriented programming using Visual Basic and Java. Mini project based on either a basic gaming theme or with business use.

Web design

Web page design and scripting using XHTML(HTML5), CSS, JavaScript. Image manipulation and editing. Combining Web technologies for responsive design.

Systems Analysis

Elements of the systems cycle - analysis, design, implementation and evaluation, application to a real-life project. Consideration of the user experience and ergonomics of design for the user. 


Students study and make practical use of a relational database management system such as MS Access or MySQL and explore example databases e.g. booking system, college admin system, online-sales system. Studying the theory of normalised data.

Project Management

Cyclic nature of projects, phases within. Managing growth and reduction of resources during the project. Critical paths, milestones, deliveries and Gantt charts. Estimation of effort.

Pure Maths 1

Functions including the modulus and exponential functions; logarithms; series; the equations of lines; solving trigonometric equations; basic differentiation and integration and their applications; data handling including histograms, mean, mode, median and standard deviation.

Option: Decision Maths

Give students an understanding of algorithms; algorithms on graphs; the route inspection problem; critical path analysis; linear programming; matchings.

On successful completion of the Management & Computing Systems Foundation you will graduate to an undergraduate degree at one of our partner universities in the September following the start of your course.

The table below shows just some of the universities and degrees that our students progressed to from the Management & Computing Systems Foundation:

Degree subject University
Business Computer Systems University of Brighton
Computer Animation London Metropolitan University
Computer Networking  University of Bedfordshire
Computer Science Southampton University
Computer Science University of Huddersfield
Computer Science (Games) University of Brighton
Computer Science with Games Technology City University London
Computing for Business & Management University of Sussex
Electronics & Computer Engineering University of Surrey
Games & Multimedia Environments University of Sussex
Information Technology for Business University of Manchester
Information Technology Management for Business University of Manchester
IT & Multimedia Computing Liverpool John Moores University
Robotics University of the West of England, Bristol
Software Engineering University of Sheffield

The Extended Foundation is a four-term academic programme taught at our Brighton campus. The course is designed for students whose academic readiness or English level is not sufficient to begin the usual three-term Foundation.

You'll study English and three other academic modules in term one before progressing to the Management & Computing Systems Foundation for terms two, three and four, as follows.

Extended Foundation key facts

  • Age: Students are normally 16.5 or over
  • Course length: 1 term in addition to the three-term foundation
  • Start dates: September
  • Entry requirements: Satisfactory completion of secondary or high school and IELTS 4.0 or equivalent
  • Fees: Please visit our Fees page to calculate your fees

To study the Management & Computing Systems Foundation you will need to have completed secondary or high school to a satisfactory level.

Contact our team of expert Student Enrolment Advisers to find out if your qualifications meet the entry requirements.

English language requirements

To study the Foundation programme you will need to demonstrate an English language level equivalent to the following:

  • IELTS 4.5 TOEFL 477 (computer test equivalent 153)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic 40-43

Depending on the type of visa you are entering the UK on you may take the Study Group English Test to determine your English language level.

English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP)

If you do not meet the English language requirements for entry to the Foundation you can study one, two or three terms of English Language Preparation prior to the start of your academic programme. The length of your English Language Preparation Programme will depend on your current English language level.

The following is a guideline only:

Current IELTS level Terms of ELPP
3.5 At least 1
2.5 At least 2
1.5 At least 3


Contact a Student Enrolment Adviser to take our English Assessment Test and find out how much preparation you require.

The Bellerbys English Language Preparation Programme is a fast, personalised and highly effective programme that will fully equip you to succeed in your studies. The programme comprises 25 hours per week of general English, examination preparation and skills classes. Throughout the programme you will be closely monitored by a personal tutor and tested regularly to ensure you reach the English language level required for your academic programme.

Please note that the English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP) incurs additional fees on top of your academic tuition fees. Visit our fees page for details and to calculate your fees.