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GCSE Pathway Programme The first important qualification on your path to university

Bellerbys College GCSE Pathways

  • A unique GCSE Programme of two to three years.
  • Carefully selected subject combinations to prepare you for future A Level and university study.
  • Enrichment activities to bring subjects to life and immerse you in your subjects.
  • An opportunity to get ahead and discover subjects you’re passionate about early on in your education.
  • Explore areas of interest beyond your core subjects.

Our GCSE Pathway programme offers students from the age of 13 years an early opportunity to establish the language, learning and cultural skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education. Learning with other students from all over the world, Bellerbys College helps children to become confident global citizens, backed by a tailor-made British education taught in a truly multicultural environment.

Hear more about our GCSE Pathway programme from our principal Simon Mower.

Studying in Brighton- an exciting city-by-the-sea

Brighton and Hove is an open and welcoming historic city just 55 minutes from London. It is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Bellerbys College Brighton is right in the heart of it, offering students a wealth of cultural and social opportunities on their doorstep.

Home to 270,000 people, Brighton and Hove is the UK’s largest seaside city, big enough to offer exciting arts, culture, sports and entertainment, but easy and safe to get around.

Key facts…

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Age: 13+ 14+ 15+
Course length: 3 years (9 terms) 2 years (6 terms) 1 year (3 terms)
Centre Brighton only
English language entry requirements IELTS 4.5 IELTS 5.0 IELTS 5.5
Academic entry requirements Completed a minimum of 7 years schooling in your own country. Good grades and excellent academic reference. Completed a minimum of 8 years schooling in your own country. Good grades and excellent academic reference. NOTE: Only for students studying GCSE in a British School. Good grades and excellent academic reference.
Start dates:
Please visit our Term Dates page for further information.
Fees Please visit our Fees page to calculate your fees.

The Enrichment Programme explained

Bellerbys College has six different GCSE pathways with tailored enrichment programmes that help students to ‘learn around the subject’. The enrichment programmes immerse the student in the subject and challenge their thinking. The breadth of the enrichment programmes stimulates lateral thinking for students and provides a number of opportunities for students to discover what really interests them.

Each of our GCSE Pathways is supported by a programme of activities, excursions, talks and challenges. This takes learning beyond the classroom and into the wider world. Our enrichment programme includes talks from industry professionals and leading university academics, and workshops, trips and competitions all linked to the curriculum. The skills gained through enrichment will help  your child to stand out in their university application.


Going to boarding school is a big step for British students, but for international students that step is far bigger. During our 50 years of teaching students we have gained a deep understanding of the personal care and support international students need.

The Bellerbys ethos is informal and friendly. We help students develop confidence and independence, but we also know that when you are far away from your family, caring, personal support is so important. Our housemistresses and pastoral teams are experts in the little ways to make students feel happy and secure in their new surroundings.

The engaging teaching of our GCSE Pathway Programme allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they're passionate about. Studying our personalised GCSE programme they’ll fully immerse themselves in learning with exciting enrichment activities, trips and lessons that prepare them for the wider world.

Students typically study nine GCSEs between the ages of 14 and 16. Through carefully selected subject combinations they'll broaden their knowledge and specialise in the subjects they need for their university ambitions.

Pathway Discovery - Joining in Year 9

Students aged 13 can join our Pathway Discovery programme where they’ll study a combination of core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Computer Technology; taster modules such as History, Economics and Psychology; as well as participate in enrichment activities and sports. By studying short modules they have the chance to explore their interests and to try something new.

Academic Pathway- Years 10 and 11

Students aged 14 or older will study their GCSEs over two years. They'll have a choice of six academic pathways depending on what they'd like to specialise in and their university ambitions, and this will be complemented by our academic enrichment programme.

The Benefits of our Pathway Programme

We have carefully selected the best subject combinations to prepare your child for A Level and university study in their chosen field. Each pathway provides plenty of opportunity to explore other areas of interest in addition to core subjects. For example as a scientist you can still choose art and history study options.

The academic pathways to choose from are:

⋅  Business and Economics: study core subjects of Science, Economics, English, Mathematics and Business Studies  and enjoy enrichment activities like the Young Enterprise Scheme.

 Creative Arts: study core subjects of Science, English, Mathematics, ICT and Art. Meet professional artists or join drawing and painting workshops with our enrichment programme.

⋅  Global: study core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives and either History or Geography. Enrichment includes The Current Affairs Club and guest lectures.

⋅  Humanities: study core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Global Perspectives. Enrichment may include creative writing sessions and a junior parliament.

⋅  Science and Engineering: study core subjects of English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography. Enrichment activities include the Young Innovators Club and Robotics building.

⋅  Young Oxbridge: study core subjects of English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern Foreign Languages and History or Geography. Visits to lectures at the University of Oxford and creative coding feature in the enrichment programme.

Option subjects

In addition to your pathway subjects in years 10 and 11, you can select up to three more subjects (two for Young Oxbridge) to broaden your knowledge and impress universities. The option subjects are:

Art, Business Studies, Drama, Economics, French, Geography, Global Perspectives, History, ICT, Photography, Psychology and Spanish.

Academic entry requirements

Year 9: Completed Year 7 and Year 8 (in own country). Strong grades and excellent academic reference. IELTS 4.5 level or equivalent – this is assessed through a Bellerbys pre-arrival English test.

Year 10: Completed Year 8 or Year 9 (in own country). Strong grades and excellent academic reference. IELTS 5.0 level or equivalent – this is assessed through a Bellerbys pre-arrival English test.

Year 11: This is only for students already studying for GCSE in a British International School. Strong grades and excellent academic reference.

English language requirements

Year 9 Pathway Discovery IELTS 4.5
Year 10 Academic Pathway IELTS 5.0 (IELTS 5.5 for January intake)
Year 11 Pathway Entry IELTS 5.0

If your child needs to improve their English, our English in Preparation for Pathways (EPP) programme provides three hours of intensive English teaching each morning with a varied academic programme each afternoon. Students are able to take part in our enrichment programme as well as all sport and activities.

Contact a Student Enrolment Adviser to take our English Assessment Test and find out how much preparation you require.