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Enterprise Group Bubble Tea

Posted 13 May 2015

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Enterprise group ‘Bubble Tea’ has liquidated their company after nearly a year of trading comes to an end. 

Enterprise Group: Bubble Tea

Students at Bellerbys London reflect 

Enterprise group ‘Bubble Tea’ has liquidated their company after nearly a year of trading comes to an end. The group formed their company in September 2014 as part of the Bellerbys London enrichment programme, choosing to sell bubble tea. 

The director Chan Hou said: “We found there was less competition involved in the market for bubble tea, which would make it easier for us to make a profit so we stuck with this idea.” 

As their enterprising activity comes to an end after three terms trading, each member reflects on their first year as entrepreneurs and their experience of running a company. 

Challenges faced

Linh Chieh Jenny said: “Making sure each member stuck to their role was particularly difficult and it often delayed tasks getting done.” 

Venus Lam felt: “Finding time to attend regular meetings, usually after 5pm, was tough as it required motivation and commitment.”

Strengths to build on

Zainab Abdullahi thought that her team had many strengths. She said: “The group was very culturally mixed, which gave them the opportunity to learn from each other as different countries brought different ideas and helped them formulate creative ideas.”

The Enterprise company plan is a very valuable programme as it gives members real life experience of running a business. Students have the opportunity to apply their learning such as breaking even and cash flow forecasting to a real life business situation. 

Students who have taken part in Enterprise have said they would definitely continue their entrepreneurship, even beyond their time at Bellerbys.

By: Bhavini Pathak, Enrichment Programme Manager