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Bellerbys Cambridge 25 – CATS College Cambridge 22

Posted 17 February 2015

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Bellerbys Cambridge basketball team beat CATs College Cambridge

Bellerbys College Cambridge basketball team beat CATs College Cambridge 25-22 on Friday 30th January 2015 at an exciting match played at the Manor Sports Centre in Cambridge. 

Supported by over 20 of their fellow students, Bellerbys Knights played very well and performed professionally against a strong opponent. The Knights were outnumbered by CATs College, who came with about 22 players dividing them into 3 teams. The game ended with the Knights winning the match after four quarters.

Leading the team to victory were: by Hung Ka Wai (Gary) - Captain, Kyaw Wai (William), Shi Tunsen, Muhammad Luqman, Andrius Dambauskas and Cheng Chow.