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Masters international study programmes

master study UK
Posted 05/06/2013 by FAhlborn

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Masters international study programmes offer a fantastic step forward and a superb opportunity for international students to go on to study at one of the many prestigious UK universities. However, that step can seem like a giant leap, especially if you are coming from overseas.

Preparation at one of the UKs most respected colleges is the key.  By giving yourself time and space to acclimatise to the UK weather patterns, whilst absorbing the culture, lifestyle and academic system, you can gain considerable benefits. When you can focus on your studies and develop the core skills required for success at a Masters level in the UK, you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. Curiosity, tempered by insight, is a step in the right direction.


At Bellerbys, the Masters international study programmes are a perfect way to do this. The course is designed as a complete programme to give you success in graduation at Masters level and is underpinned by a strong track record of superb results. Students from all over the globe have won coveted places at over 50 of the top British universities. Classes for these programmes are notoriously small, allowing an in-depth focus on developing research and presentation skills, together with essential training in English language and study. There is an option for GMAT training if required.


International Master studies in the UK - effective learning


This unique course is ideal if you have a Junior College Diploma in a business-related subject or an undergraduate degree in a non-business subject and wish to progress to an MBA or Business Masters. The programme acts as an efficient bridge to a Masters programme at university, and gives you a thorough grounding in key business subjects. Students who have successfully completed the Masters Qualifying Programme (MQP) have gone on to study a range of postgraduate courses at university, including:


  • MA Management
  • MBA
  • MA International Business
  • MA Human Resource Management
  • MSc Finance
  • MA Business Studies
  • MA Marketing


The age of the majority of students on the masters international study programmes is normally 21 or over and the duration is 1 or 2 terms. Entry requirements are a good first degree (any subject for most MBA and other conversion courses) and IELTS 5.5 or equivalent for the 1 term course or 4.5 for the 2 term. However, if you do not meet these requirements English Language Preparation (ELPP) is available to study.


Master study UK - Support and guidance


The Masters international study programmes at our college in the UK have flexible start dates so you can commence in September, January, April or June. Student counsellors will be on hand to give you expert advice and help you make the right choices for your postgraduate course and desired university. The universities will review your application on a case-by-case basis and as progression is not guaranteed, the support of a college counsellor is invaluable.

Visits to universities the length and breadth of Great Britain are regularly organised to give you added stimulation and motivation to further your studies. This helps to strengthen your decision for the most suitable and relevant university for you to attend. In addition, Bellerbys frequently invite representatives from various universities to visit on special Higher Education days; you can then gain a clearer picture of your desired university and become better informed before you apply.

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