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"Bellerbys College is a unique place"

Posted 12 May 2013
Voislav Poposki

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The teachers are totally dedicated and devoted to the students as they strive to support everyone in the class.

Voislav Poposki 

Nationality:  Macedonian

Bellerbys centre you studied at: Bellerbys College Oxford

Course(s) studied at Bellerbys:  Business Foundation

University and programme you hope to progress to: University of Warwick, Economics

What I most enjoyed about my time at Bellerbys was …

Bellerbys College is a unique place. The teachers are totally dedicated and devoted to the students and they support everyone. The individual approach to all of us was very helpful.

What I really liked was the diverse environment along with the mixture of nationalities. Meeting different cultures broadened my knowledge of the countries around the world.


Bellerbys helped prepare me for my further studies by:

As an international student I can highlight the supportive team of teachers and student service providers who guided me all the way from the beginning of the course and helped me achieve my potential. The strong basis of knowledge in different subjects acquired during the studies in Bellerbys College will allow me to overcome the challenges in the University.