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About Bellerbys College The best preparation for UK universities


The Bellerbys Difference

More international students choose to study at Bellerbys College than any other college or school in the UK.

We achieve excellent academic outcomes through our unique approach to education and over 50 years of experience.

Bellerbys College offers the widest choice of programmes, more than any other international college. And our specialist colleges provide you with the depth of subject knowledge, personal development and independent thinking skills that top universities and leading employers look for.

Whether you are an ambitious GCSE student, a highly motivated A Level or Foundation student, or a young business undergraduate looking to undertake your first year with us; we can provide you with the very best a modern education has to offer.

Our wide range of enrichment programmes will enhance your passion for your chosen subjects. And active participation in projects, trips, lectures and competitions is exactly what top universities want to see in applications.

A Bellerbys education gives you the skills and knowledge you need to progress to the best universities and succeed in the modern workplace.

Choosing the Right University

With so many of the world’s top universities located in the UK, choosing the right one is an important decision. At Bellerbys, we offer our students the help of experienced, dedicated university counsellors, who are employed full-time to help you select the right university.

We will guide you through each step of the university application process. From advising you on university choices, to helping you write your personal statement or coaching you on interview techniques, we make sure you have  all the tools you need to succeed.

Bellerbys has very nice teachers and staff, who helped me a lot with my studies or daily problems no matter what. I felt free to ask questions and they provided help enthusiastically. The relationship between students, teachers and staff at Bellerbys is very close. Bellerbys comforted me a lot and I felt less worry."
Cheuk Ying Cynthia LEE from Hong Kong Studied Business Foundation Graduated to Lancaster University Now studying Accounting, Auditing and Finance